LCD Televisions

  m4819 11:35 23 Mar 2006

Can I use a LCD Television as a PC monitor and if so what are the pros and cons. I play games so performance and detail would be important.

  howard63 20:17 23 Mar 2006

a tv is never as good as a monitor. In order to get a tv to operate from a pc you need to have a video card that supports video out normally a yellow socket and a cable again yellow plugs that go to a similar yellow socket on the tv.

  BRYNIT 22:06 23 Mar 2006

A lot to LCD TV's will work with a PC connectin via a VGA connector, but the quality of will depend on the TV and the resolution it is capable of. Check the specifications of the TV first.

  BRYNIT 22:11 23 Mar 2006

Must read before post. It should read.

Connecting via a VGA connector. The picture quality will depend on the TV. Not all TV's will work as a PC monitor.

  dms05 07:51 24 Mar 2006

I have a 17" w/s LCD TV with a standard PC monitor connection. The manufacturer (Relisys) provide the Driver to allow me to use the TV as a PC monitor. I use it with an older Toshiba laptop that has a TFT screen resolution of 800*600 but it supports 1028*800 on an external monitor. On my LCD TV this larger resolution is displayed fully and is as good as the image on my newer TFT laptop that supports the same resolution on it's built in screen.

In the past people tried to use CRT TV's as PC monitors and the results were poor because CRT resolution is VGA 640*480.

However LCD TV's have true PC display resolutions up to high levels depending upon the TV's spec.

  m4819 12:05 24 Mar 2006

thanks all for the advice

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