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  [DELETED] 17:31 28 Mar 2006

Hi all, I know that this is mainly a PC site BUT, I want to buy a 19" - 20" Lcd television for my bedroom I have a maximum of £300 to spend. Can anyone advise me on the best buy for this amount of money. If not can anyone direct me to a site were I can find out the good buys from the rubbish.

  [DELETED] 20:07 28 Mar 2006

To be honest buy a decent CRT TV as the picture is better in relation to brightness and contrast.

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Thanks for the input pennyben, but I'm puttimg the tv on a very narrow shelf. So it has to be LCD. Any more thoughts on the best Lcd tv for £300.

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click here

a lot cheaper than pucka TV but comes with remote and buy a set of speakers you would probably need them with a LCD tv also as sound from a lot of them puny and tinny

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wjrt's suggestion looks OK. AS he says, the sound is not up to a lot - but it depends on what your need is I suppose. I've tried to find a review but it appears that most dealers are not in this country - the TV being made in Czechoslovakia amd imported by a few dealers in here. I have a 30" Monitor/TV from Evesham - picture is great in both modes - sound is no where near what you get from the CRT - as wjrt says it tends to be slightly tinny but, when listening on headphones the sound is perfectly OK. I can find no details on the LG covering any sockets.

  [DELETED] 23:30 28 Mar 2006

bought a matsui 20 inch recently from currys with dvd player/cd player, etc
only problem is , u cant sit too close to it , as the picture becomes distorted , because we mounted high up on a bedroom wall

works great though , sound buy at £249

  [DELETED] 03:58 29 Mar 2006

Try Asda they have some reasonable sets from what i have seen.

I think LCD TV's & prices vary depending on resolution & refresh.

Resolution would determine the image quality and response time how it displays fast moving objects on screen. There is also the viewing angle to consider as well as screen brightness.

I would always ask for a demo to make sure it is what you want and I see no problem in taking your own DVD along to try it out on the TV.

Most of the shops have demo DVD's running anyway but always good to see your own on it.

Don't forget it's your £££'s so make sure you are happy before you buy.

You could also try your local Richer Sounds store - they have always given me very good advice.

Advice here

click here
click here

I am looking for one myself - so let us know how you get on !!

  [DELETED] 10:40 29 Mar 2006

Many thanks to you all for your input. Will let you know what I end up buying.

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