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LCD screw stuck with apple juice

  LucyLoo2862 23:31 15 Nov 2016

If this sounds bizarre, it's probably because it is. I moved to a different city a few months ago and left my laptop with my family by accident. I've only just visited them and seen the state of my laptop. (Lenovo y50-70)

I decently know my way around it as I've replaced screens before. The issue is, my little brother "spilt" apple juice all down the side of my laptop. The screen barely works but the internals seem fine, so I ordered a replacement.

I guess it's been there for a couple months with no intervention as two screws are stuck with VERY sticky apple juice.

My main question is this: How can I get the screws unstuck? The screwdriver I'm using worked like a dream on the first 2, then came the apple juice..

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  wee eddie 00:23 16 Nov 2016

Well, first thing, take the battery out.

Then, a very small drip of water over the screw. Have a paper towel ready to sop up the water when it's softened the juice. Leave it ten minutes and try your screwdriver on it.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:13 16 Nov 2016

Lucy, moisten a cotton ear-bud with a little warm water and use it to clean the screw. Repeat until it's clean then dry it with another ear-bud.

Laptops and water don't really get on together so I wouldn't recommend dripping any water into it.

  Bazzaman 10:07 16 Nov 2016

Rather than water I would try isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol in some parts of the world) as it is much less likely to cause issues than water. Again try the cotton bud method first.

  difarn 16:47 17 Nov 2016

Further to Bazzaman's post, Maplins do isopropanol Cleaning Wipes that may be better than actually putting a liquid near the laptop.

click here

  Forum Editor 18:22 17 Nov 2016

Use a hair-dryer to gently warm the screw-head. The juice residue will soften, and the screw will come out easily.

  alanrwood 19:44 17 Nov 2016

Isopropyl alcohol does not dissolve fruit juice residue as far as I remember.

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