mark3110 16:25 26 Apr 2003

I realise this has probably been asked before, but trying to search this forum etc etc..

So I'm thinking about a new monitor but which should I go for; 19" CRT or a 17" LCD.
This Athlon 2200xp system with a 128 Ram graphics card is mostly used for games..

ANy oppinions greatly appreciated


  Djohn 16:45 26 Apr 2003

AOC 17" and find it is excellent for games and DVD movie's, but it is such a personal thing to choose that you will need to look for yourself.

If you pop into PC World, on a weekday when it's not too busy, ask them to play a movie on Both types, and then to open word or similar, and type some text in.

Sit back and watch for a while, at least one hour, then decide which you think is best, not only for the display but other factors like desk space/weight, etc.

One reason (among many others) that I like the TFT, is the fact you can turn off the monitor while leaving the PC on, (As you can with a CRT) but when you switch back on, it's there instantly, crystal sharp display, perfect from corner to corner, no waiting for warm up, no adjustment of display settings.

A small thing for some people maybe, but over time it does make a big difference. Have a look, and take your time in coming to a decision, you will be looking at it for a long time once you have bought it. J.

  Paperback Writer 17:01 26 Apr 2003

"Sit back and watch for a while, at least one hour,"

Spend a full hour in PC World for a demonstration??

  woodchip 17:11 26 Apr 2003

If you want to do Graphics. Photo Editing or Games CRT is a better choice

  woodchip 17:12 26 Apr 2003

PS the refresh rate is faster

  Paperback Writer 17:18 26 Apr 2003

But the picture is nowhere near as sharp, they weigh a ton and no one will want them second hand in a year or two.

  ton 17:38 26 Apr 2003

Picture not as sharp ??? CRT is my choice. As for no one wanting them second hand in a year or so, I think that applies to most computer parts.

  Paperback Writer 17:50 26 Apr 2003

It defies science and pure physics to suggest that a CRT picture can be as sharp as an LCD picture - especially a DVI connected one.

  VoG™ 18:07 26 Apr 2003

I think it's all down to personal preference - I think that Djohn's suggestion of asking for a demo is excellent.

I've just got rid of my 17" CRT and got a 17" Samsung SyncMaster 171s - what a difference!! The colours are more vibrant; I can use greater screen resolution and still read things and so on. But that's just my experience/opinion.

  mark3110 18:45 26 Apr 2003

Ok Ive taken all that on board and I have spent some time in pcworld (much to my discust ;) )

But like I say from a fast gaming point of view is there any de-generation re frames per second/refreash rates or is it somthing that the human eye wont notice?



  Paperback Writer 18:48 26 Apr 2003

There used to be a couple of yeras back but the LCD screens have improved nowadays - despite what CRT fanatics would have you believe.

Games look fine on LCD.

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