LCD monitors and native resolutions

  harrisonclan 16:18 07 Apr 2005

I am a part sighted user. I have a 17 inch CRT which I run at 800x600 in order to increase font and icon size etc. This means I have little space for anything else, so I want to move up to a 19 inch LCD or higher.

I've heard though, that lcds don't like to have their resolutions reduced - giving a fuzzy image. This would defeat the object. I was also told that 1600x1200 monitors would scale down better. This would mean a much more costly 20 inch plus model.

Is any of this true? Are there 19 inch models that work better than others - or os ot an insoluble problem? Has anyone out there found a solution to this?

many thanks

  PsiFox 16:28 07 Apr 2005

Most lcd's like to run at 1280x1024 as a native resolution. Some will scale down well others not.

Aditionally a lot of lcd monitors have problems with colour differentation particularly on dark areas of the screen.

You may be better off sticking to a good quality crt

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