LCD Monitor Advice Required

  [DELETED] 19:59 30 Oct 2003

I'm currently witnessing problems with my 15" Logix CRT monitor (its beginning to flick to and from a very slight pale transparent blue display).

Anyway, after speaking to a few people, I'm convinced I require a new monitor.

I have decided due to really restrictive space demands to go for a LCD screen.

I really don't want to go for a 15" so really I?m looking for advice on 17" LCD screens. Basically what I should be looking for as far as specification is concerned, whether DVI is of any importance (and whether my GeForce 4 MMX440(64mb) will even support it. Cost is really important to me (im skint!) and I'm also hearing horror stories of people having one or two pixels go very quickly and not having a case to claim on there warranty.

Oh and one last thing, I do play games, not heavily, Medal of Honor being the most graphic heavy game, would this cause a problem?

Thanks in advance for any help

  [DELETED] 20:36 30 Oct 2003

Hi. What you have to remember is that if a CRT monitor states that its 17", its really nearer than 15" visible. A 15" LCD IS 15". I have a Dell UltraSharp 1800FP which is both DVI and analogue. I find it difficult to tell the difference between the two. Both are excellent and I find it hard to believe the quality of the picture hard to beat. I got a real bargain with my monitor on ebay with a full years warranty and its brand new. Good luck. A.

  [DELETED] 20:36 30 Oct 2003

I personally use a Sharp LL-T1803 18" tft LCD screen which has both VGA and DVI inputs, I have no dead pixels, the refresh rate is superb for games and DVD's, I am very pleased with it. It is linked to a Radeon 9700 pro with a DVI cable. Native resolution is 1280x1024.

  [DELETED] 20:41 30 Oct 2003

"I'm also hearing horror stories of people having one or two pixels go very quickly..."

No need to worry about this. It is a problem encountered by all Plasma/LCD products and is purely down to a screen-burn style syndrome. To avoid this, you can run your new LCD monitor on a low-contrast setting for the first 200 hours and there will be no such problems, hopefully!


P.S - Don't forget to turn the contrast up again after 200 hours - it tends to hurt your eyes having to constantly squint at the screen!

  [DELETED] 20:49 30 Oct 2003

So, another prospective LCD convert! An LCD monitor is worth the money, when you think of the gain in sharpness, and the loss in eye-strain. Prolonged exposure to CRT exposure is undoubtedly unhealthy.

LG's LCD monitors appear to be reasonably priced. Take a look at the LG LCD monitors.

Pixels can and will die, but I've had my 18.1" LG TFT monitor for 10 months now and hmm... <strains eyes> nope, I can't detect dead pixels yet, even though a few may exist.

I can't understand it when people say LCD screens are not suitable for gaming. I play Jedi Knight 2, Jedi Knight 3, Unreal Tournament 2003, Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3, and Warcraft 3 on my LCD monitor. Everything goes nice and smooth. I guess people blame their LCD monitors when the problem is their lacking graphic cards.

  [DELETED] 20:56 30 Oct 2003

Never heard that one before RJKnight. I set my AOC 17" TFT at 50 contrast/50 brightness right from the start, in fact the monitor set itself at that and I've not found any reason to change it.

Dead pixels can be a problem, but are less of a worry now than even six months back. Staples will change a monitor for you if it has only one dead pixel in the first fourteen days. j.

  [DELETED] 22:23 30 Oct 2003

"whether DVI is of any importance (and whether my GeForce 4 MMX440(64mb) will even support it"

Your GeF card will only support DVI if it has a DVI output connector. I suspect it hasn't - but you only need to have a quick look - it's not dissimilar to the standard connector, but a bit narrower and somewhat longer.

  [DELETED] 22:37 30 Oct 2003

I have an NEC 17TFT, digital and analogue inputs... a very good screen, go for the fastes response time and higest contast ration.

Your graphics card is analogue so make sure your TFT has analogue inputs. Mine has both- if you can get one which has both as it will be future proof. 17" TFT had tonns of screen space! Very nice!

  [DELETED] 23:18 30 Oct 2003

To get the best from the DVi input, you need a graphics card that supports it.However, if you want to be now/future proof its well worth paying the extra for DVi input.
click here
for price comparisions.
I have an LG which comes with 3yr warranty as standard.

  [DELETED] 08:49 31 Oct 2003

Thanks for all the advice.

LG looks very tempting due to there pricing, pretty sure my graphics card doesnt have DVI port but I will check.

Thanks again

  [DELETED] 08:55 31 Oct 2003

oh and keenan...fantastic web site, thanks!

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