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  Liza 10:20 05 Jan 2009

My niece has a 5 year old Dixon computer. She was not happy with the monitor and brought an old lcd Dell monitor from the office which I connected and which worked on the computer when it had a 98 SE OS but will not work with XP SP2 Professional. The resolution wont go higher than 640 x 460 (or whatever) so I checked the graphics card and could not find one on it. The monitor connector seems to be where the com 1 or 2 connectors are normally found. Could this be the problem and so I should get her to buy at least a 250 mb card. The computer has pci expansion slots but I could not see an AGP slot. Liza

  Technotiger 10:23 05 Jan 2009

Yes that would be the problem, even a low-end graphics card would be an improvement.

I recommend getting one from click here a very good firm to deal with.

  DieSse 15:40 05 Jan 2009

The graphics will be on the motherboard. You probably just need a driver, or a setting change to get higher resolutions.

Run Everest (free)

click here

It'll tell you what graphics chip is fitted, and ypou can then be advised better on what to do.

Be aware that PCI graphics cards (do not confuse with PCIe, which you don't have) are thin on the ground. The link above is to PCIe cards which are not suitable for your system.

  Technotiger 23:07 05 Jan 2009

DieSse is correct of course, but I had meant to add, contact that firm and ask about PCI graphics cards.

  Liza 19:55 11 Jan 2009

Technotiger and DieSse

Thanks very much for your help. I will tell you actually what happened. Niece1 who owned computer took to repairer because it was playing up, it was the PSU, it was removed and she took harddrive which has pictures of baby. I had a spare psu and fitted it in. I wanted hd because software like XP was in it. She didnt part with it. Niece2 took the computer and I put in a new hd and xp professional (not yet activated). I was thinking about the PCIe and was wondering if a PCI would be sufficient. Niece2 dont want to spend she would rather buy a new computer. If that's the case would I be able to use the xp professional on another computer if she bins this computer. Liza

  AL47 20:02 11 Jan 2009

i had a pci [not express] in my useless dell dimension 3000, was 128mb geforce 4000, was much better than its original integrated graphics

i would offer it to you if i still had it, but i think its gone

  AL47 20:05 11 Jan 2009

oh when bining a computer, or selling, keep the hard drive, or destroy it, people can get 'details' from it

  DieSse 20:30 11 Jan 2009

Sorry - but I'm still a bit confused by your explanation (prolly just old age!).

PCI and PCIe are totally different and not compatible. Cards of one type will not fit in the other type of slot. Your elderly motherboard will have PCI slots, not PCIe slots.

Your current motherboard does not need (though you might want one certain reasons) a graphics card - it will have graphics on the motherboard. It will drive an LCD monitor in higher resolutions - but you will need driver software for the motherboard to do this. That's why we would need to know what motherboard it is to tell you where to find a driver.

If you do want to buy a new graphics card, PCI ones may still be available, but thin on the ground. But to re-iterate, you don't actually need one - and in an older system it would be a bad investment that likely couldn't be used in another system in the future.

Hope this is understandable to you.

  Liza 22:07 11 Jan 2009

I am keeping the harddrive, AL47.
DieSse, What you say is absolutely true because the soundcard from my own computer does not work on the machine nor as I say the lcd monitor so I will just bin the computer and keep the lcd, hd and xp software. Thanks for your help, Liza

  DieSse 23:45 11 Jan 2009

I don't follow your reasoning.

Probably all you need to make this computer work (possibly even sound if there's sound connectors at the back of it.) is some software - which can be obtained free - but we need to know what motherboard is in the computer first.

You absolutely do not need a graphics card - not even to make the LCD monitor work correctly - only free software.

The program I gave you above (Everest) is also free and will do that.

  DieSse 01:23 12 Jan 2009

The program I gave you above (Everest) is also free and will do that.

Tell you about your motherboard, that is.

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