lcd monitor

  gingerfox 15:24 06 Aug 2004

are lcd monitors from america compatible with computers in england or is that a stupid question

On the face of it, yes it is a stupid should be aware that if the Monitor comes from USA or anywhere abroad you MUST make sure that is suitable for UK Voltages, 240 volts and is not purely set at 110 volts. If you use it here with 110 volt setting you will burn it up and could cause it to catch fire.

  SEASHANTY 15:40 06 Aug 2004

LCD monitors usually have a small PSU to supply them with the power they require. Usually in the range
12 to 14V D.C. The input to this PSU will be 230V
in the UK and 115V A.C. in the USA. So you may need to use another PSU or a transformer if using in the UK because putting the UK voltage of 230V on the PSU will cause it to blow up. If it has a TV tuner then it will not work with that because the US uses a different system to the U.K. Other than that I can't see why it shouldn't work with a UK base unit.

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