LCD display problems

  paul_allard 11:59 06 Sep 2003

I own an Advent 6418 notebook which, while "messing about", I pressed Fn + F4 which toggles between LCD, CRT and dual display screens. Only problem is that it won't revert to LCD and remains blank, however much I press Fn + F4 again. Switching off and on again changes nothing. I operate Windows XP on this machine.

Any ideas how to get my display back ?

  WaiKent 12:08 06 Sep 2003

smack the screen really hard with a hammer should do it.

  Djohn 14:43 06 Sep 2003

Not sure of the answer, but this will bring you back to the top for a sensible reply. Sorry for the sense of humour displayed in the first reply, it's not called for.

Don't worry too much, one of the forum members will have the correct answer for you. Regards. j.

  Djohn 14:58 06 Sep 2003

Just had a thought! not sure if this will work, but worth a try. Start your Laptop in safe mode by tapping the F8 key as it boots up. this will load basic drivers only, and may give you a display to view.

Go into control panel and then your graphic card adaptor, you should be able to change the settings back to Laptop screen from there, then re-boot again. j.

  rickf 15:15 06 Sep 2003

Remarks like the one posted by the first user are totally uncalled for and unacceptable. Someone is obviously very upset about his problem and it does not help to post such remarks. Moderator should have deleted it, it would have been a good job done.Well said Djohn

  paul_allard 16:53 06 Sep 2003

Thanks Djohn but I still don't get a display after the Windows XP black loading screen. Any other suggestions ?

  Djohn 16:59 06 Sep 2003

Only other thing I can think of is, remove the power-pack battery, leave for a few minutes replace and try again. Hopefully other forum members will have a suggestion to fix this, feel sure it is something simple that we have overlooked.

Also as rickf says, please ignore the first reply to your request for help, it is not typical of this forum. Good luck j.

  Djohn 17:08 06 Sep 2003

Just found another little article that suggest you have somehow set your display to default to an external CRT monitor.

You could try connecting an external monitor, I have a feeling that the display will then come up on both screens at the same time! From there you should be able to enter your BIOS and set the Laptop display as the Default display. j.

  keith-236785 17:45 06 Sep 2003

in my experience, when you plug in a monitor the display automatically defaults to external monitor and the lcd screen shuts off (power saving i presume), connect a monitor and boot up, enter the bios and see if you can choose the default monitor, if you can choose lcd then you will have to select it, shutdown and remove the external monitor then reboot your laptop.

or as Djohn says try safe mode.

good luck

  paul_allard 18:16 06 Sep 2003

Problem solved ; first I hooked it up to another monitor which worked until I tried to toggle it out of the monitor, then I was back to square one. So I removed the battery for a very short while and that seems to have done the trick 1

  Djohn 18:25 06 Sep 2003

Excellent news. Really pleased all is now working fine. Glad I could help in a small way, as most of what I posted was from searching for help, rather than personal knowledge. Well done. j.

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