Layout for printing photos

  doug 12:33 06 Jan 2003
  Simsy 14:49 06 Jan 2003

is a prog that will do just what you want...

PhotoPrint Gold.

Free and easy.



  €dstow 14:56 06 Jan 2003

Have you given any thought to putting your pictures on to a CD in the form of a slide show - for your relatives who have a computer or reasonably versatile DVD player?

IrfanView (mentioned above) will do this for you - for free as well. Certainly have a look at it for other graphics uses, you can't lose anything. click here


  doug 14:56 06 Jan 2003

Wonderful facility. When you post a new question or thread, you automatically get an e-mail to say you have a response. So log in, go to my posts and you are taken straight to the replies to your question.

When your question is answered to your satisfaction go to the bottom of the page. There is a question asking if the question has been resolved. Click on the little box and then click the resolved box then send.

This does 2 things 1) it stops you getting anymore E-mails and 2) just as important the green ticky thing shows in the envelope to the left of your thread. This means that the fast track boys and girls don't have to browse through your thread to see if they can help in answering your query but concentrate on other peoples questions. You can still add comments to your and oter peoples threads even though they have yhe green ticky things.

  Andsome 15:03 06 Jan 2003

I must be as thick as P** S***, I am just not with it when it comes to all these simile's. I am just as hopeless with text messages, and have to put everything in English.

  doug 10:44 07 Jan 2003

Thanks Simsy, just got my copy through the post this morning. Irritated because others said they ad their copies a few days ago. This month of issue is really irritating. I nearly had a nice suprise. As I carefully cut open the plasic bag, 3 CDs slid out. Marvellous, I thought, they've given up on the gluey stuff. Then te shock. That d****d Tiscali disk was glued in again! and I partly ripped the page getting it off! However will give the Print Perfect a good coat of lookin-at!

Andsome, very confusing. Why can't we all stick with standard BGE (Bill Gates English).

  doug 10:46 07 Jan 2003

Will have to take kb apart and have a firkle about inside.

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