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  doug 12:33 06 Jan 2003
  doug 12:33 06 Jan 2003

I need a layout package for printing several photos on A4 that I can then cut to size. I am using Zoombrowser Ex from Cannon but with that the images are all joined together with unused border. I want to be able to cut them out leaving a white border around each one. Any suggestions. Either where I'm not doing it correctly in Ex or a freebie package.

  jazzypop 12:44 06 Jan 2003

What software do you currently have? You can easily do this in MSWord, for example - there are many programs that can do this.

I believe that Irfan View can do this, as just one example of the many free programs that will do what you want to do.

  doug 12:51 06 Jan 2003

I have M$ Office Pro 97, the Zoombrowser Ex as mentioned above and virtually all the CD's fromPCA going back a couple. As well as quite a few of the PCAdvisor. I probably need some guidance regarding ow to lay them out. Even though the cost of paper has come down I want to send copies of No. 1 Daughters' Wedding to many friends throughout the country. We've all moved around since when we lived in Dorset were our girls were born.

  jazzypop 12:55 06 Jan 2003

Look through the old PCA CDs for any of the Serif programs - they will all be able to import a picture, resize it, tweak it, and position it wherever you want.

Alternatively, create a text box in MSWord, cut and paste the photo into that, and drag and resize the box to wherever you want.

Finally, there are several free services (such as Yahoo) that allow you to upload your pictures to the Web. Your friends can view / print them from there, assuming they have internet access. It will certainly keep your printing costs down :)

  doug 13:01 06 Jan 2003

Thanks for the info. Most of our antidiluvian friends are still counting using sticks and stones. Will follow throgh with your other suggestions. There's enough for me to get on with now.

  DieSse 13:05 06 Jan 2003

The simplest by far is MS PhotoDraw - but not free I'm afraid. It's drag and drop, with resizing, rotating, tweaking etc - and you can add text if desired. It's absolutely excellent for the task you want.

  Andsome 13:18 06 Jan 2003

I always use Publisher or Power point.

  Andsome 13:19 06 Jan 2003

I should have added, just create a certificate or something, and delete all the bits and pieces on it before importing your photo's

  doug 13:35 06 Jan 2003

Will give powerpoint a go as well. Green ticky thing coming up!

  Andsome 14:04 06 Jan 2003

What is a green ticky thing? Forgive my ignorance

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