Layers in Dreamweaver

  Martyn23 09:19 21 Feb 2005

I am trying to create a submenu from my navigation bar. I have successfully created the sub menu which appears on mouseover and dissapears on mouseout, however I cannot keep the sub-menu open.

I thought that I could select the layer and add its own behaviour such that when the mouse passes over the button on the navigation bar the sub menu appears and (if positioned adjacent to the button)the mouse can simple move across and into the sub menu.

When I select the sub menu theoption for show-hide layes is greyed out.

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?


  Michendi 22:43 21 Feb 2005

Hi Martyn, from your posting it is not easy to determine how experienced you are with Dreamweaver, so apologies up front if you know all this stuff already.

Layers in Dreamweaver are W3C <div> tags with some very good JavaScript attached. What is in the Layer is irrelevant. Show/Hide Layers is working with the layers irrespective of the content of the Layer - that is what makes them so powerful.

From the way you have described what you are doing my interpretation is that you are not using Layers in the manner that they are designed to be used. If you put a Navigation Bar inside a Layer (which is correct) then the properties of the Navigation Bar are independent to those of the Layer. If the Layer is "Show" then the Navigation Bar will be visible but the way in which the Navigation Bar works is determined by the code imbedded within the Bar and not by the Layer. Conversely if the Layer is set to "Hide" the Navigation Bar will be invisible.

If you want to control the behaviour of a Navigation Bar through the Layer functionality then you must set each Navigation item within its own layer - but this is just not practical in the normal way of site layout.

If you have a URL to the site then I will take an look and see if I can offer a more helpful solution.

  Martyn23 18:56 22 Feb 2005

What I am trying to achieve is similar to this site:
click here

as you pass over the links on the LHS some have additional links which appear.

This is the best I can do to illustrate my point. My experience with DW is next to zero. I have been using Pagemill for some years now and wanted a WYSIWYG with some more facilities.

Thanks for the response and I'll look out for your reply.


  Taran 01:23 23 Feb 2005

That menu is either a complex JavaScript or a complex JavaScript combined with data pulled from a server-side database, I've not had the time to check properly.

You can do something broadly similar in Dreamweaver but if you want to go that far you may be better off using a dedicated menu building tool.

Sothink DHTML menu builder is my favourite click here and is certainly capable of producing menu systems such as this.

  Michendi 19:49 23 Feb 2005

Agree. And I can confirm that it is pulling data from a server-side db.
Sothink is excellent. Another, quite different, option is Xara Webstyle 4. The menu-building is not as powerful but you get a lot of handy tools for the money. click here

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