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Latest windows 10 Update Grrrrr

  christlena 13:18 04 Feb 2018

Asus Laptop, running Windows 10. Updated the latest and now there is a message on the boot up page: 'Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, please restart the installation.

I can't go any further! There is no mouse arrow to click 'ok' I have rebooted several times but it keeps coming back to this.

Can someone help me get into my laptop please?

Thanks in anticipation.


  Forum Editor 16:30 04 Feb 2018

Try this:

Turn your computer on, and then immediately Windows starts to load turn it off. Do that two or three times until you see a message that says “Preparing Automatic Repair“.

With luck, the computer will eventually boot normally.

  christlena 17:58 04 Feb 2018

Thank you. I'll try that and let you know how I get on :)


  christlena 19:39 04 Feb 2018

Hi Chrislena, I've been turning on and off for ages and the only thing that's happened is a blue screen with Bios information and other pages has appeared and I can't get off that now! Have you any other advise, please?



  commute 21:09 04 Feb 2018

I know it may not be of much help but some feedback from someone I know who is very tech minded actually tried Windows 10 and found it so ( as he put it 'crap' and unuseable and unresponsicve ) he uninstalled it and put Windows 7 on it; you may wish to consider that option maybe?

  qwbos 21:32 04 Feb 2018


If you're confident enough to check through the BIOS settings, do that then save and exit. With a bit of luck, your PC should then boot normally.

And ignore commute's advice. His "very tech minded" friend doesn't sound all that tech minded.

  christlena 21:42 04 Feb 2018

Thanks Christlena, I've been using Windows 10 for nearly 2 years but I do find updates mess around with my settings but never had this before.

I have had a look through the pages but I don't really want to change any settings, as I don't know what I'm doing. However, when I save and exit, the machine reboots and then the same blue page comes back again. That's where I've got so far. I can't seem to get back to those nice photos that pop up when you're waiting for the sign in process! It's just not happening.


  beeuuem~2 23:19 04 Feb 2018

Do you have or can you create a W10 boot DVD or flash drive? click here

Booting from either of these proceed to enter the language etc. until you get to the install page where there is an option at the bottom left to repair your computer.

You can repair the boot sequence or if you have System Restore turned on you can access it through this option.

  christlena 23:54 04 Feb 2018

Thank you Beeuum-2, I will try that. I think I may have an unused blank dvd somewhere but definitely haven't got a big enough flash drive.

Can anyone tell me why this has happened, please? Just clicked on the 'update now' button and this is the result

  beeuuem~2 00:04 05 Feb 2018


It's Microsoft ! I've also had problems with major W10 updates failing in the past. Not quite as dramatic as you, but the Creators update did cause problems for me - failing to install, rolling back and generally having to jump through hoops to get it to install.

It's one reason I like having backups. To be fair, the more recent updates haven't caused a problem.

Good luck !

  christlena 09:53 05 Feb 2018

One thing I'm thinking of though! When I put a dvd in the drive, will it automatically start, as the computer isn't actually open to anything?

Thank you for your help peeps. I'll try a re-install sometime today and will keep you updated.


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