latest version of malwarebytes ....

  mrgrumpy 17:40 07 Nov 2019

I recently got the latest version with the new interface. When I click the short cut to start it their are lots of occasions that it just wont launch , when it does launch it takes a very long time for it to happen.

anyone else had a problem with it , in the meantime I have re-installed the previous version I had downloaded.

  wee eddie 17:52 07 Nov 2019

My bank - RBS have just offered me a 2 year Malwarebytes freebie

  x13 18:09 07 Nov 2019

If you have a licence key then make a note of it. Use their Support Tool to uninstall/reinstall as you might have had a corrupted install when upgrading.


  mrgrumpy 09:40 08 Nov 2019

Hi x13 I removed old program before getting the new one then I ran ccleanner on program and reg stings , with try again with the link you posted thanks.

  keverne 09:57 08 Nov 2019

If it's the recently released version 4 that's giving you grief then you aren't the only one having problems -

click here

  mrgrumpy 10:11 08 Nov 2019

hi keverne , I ran the repair tool as shown by x13 , I clicked your link and it seems like I got the " hanging on mouse click " problem like a lot more people so I guess we have to wait for a fix.

  keverne 10:22 08 Nov 2019

I was one of the many who suffered because of the disaster of an upgrade from v2 to v3.

I'm not in a hurry to try v4.

  hssutton 11:02 08 Nov 2019

I also took advantage of the RBS offer, but just updated my free version. It takes approx 5 second to load.

  mrgrumpy 11:04 08 Nov 2019

some posts say kasperky and gta v launcher not working properly now new program released , I tested them both no problems to report.

  wee eddie 13:36 08 Nov 2019

hssutton: I have asked them about how the new version will run in conjunction with Kaspersky.

Critical to me, as it now says that it is an Antivirus as well as it's Traditional Function

  hssutton 17:28 08 Nov 2019

wee eddie I wasn't aware it was also antivirus. No doubt you will post the reply

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