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  pj123 17:21 29 Oct 2004

I have just downloaded from the grisoft site the latest version of the free AVG anti virus. Which is today 29/10/04. But when I install it on someone elses computer who doesn't have internet connection and insert the Serial number it comes up with 21/10/04. That is 8 days out of date. How do I get it to show the current update date?


  mbp 17:30 29 Oct 2004

End of Support for AVG 6.0
Grisoft announces the end of support for AVG version 6.0 effective on December 31, 2004 for technical reasons. This version has been available since 1999. Its structure does not allow for further improvements planned for version 7 nor improvements in detection techniques expected to come in the future.

End of support means we will no longer provide program updates or Virus Database updates for version 6.0 and therefore, within days, this version will not protect against new virus outbreaks!

Current AVG 6.0 users should upgrade to AVG 7.0. Information on upgrading to version 7.0 can be found at click here.
- October 25, 2004 -
Hope everyone is aware and take the necessary steps.

  Shorty123 17:35 29 Oct 2004

Don't quite understand and I'm panicking slightly. I have used the free version of AVG for years. Looking at your link, unless I'm reading it wrong (always possible) then I am not eligible to upgrade to AVG 7. Is this true????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 29 Oct 2004

The latest engine may not contain the latest virus definition so you should always check for updates as soon as you have installed the software.

To insert the latest virus definition on a non connected machine, copy the latest definition from the updates folder onto a floppy and copy into the update folder on the non connected machine. Run AVG control centre and it will see and install the update.

  Djohn 18:16 29 Oct 2004

Best to download the complete application Pete, in case there has been an engine update then copy to CD or flash drive and install on the separate PC.

Shorty123. Don't worry, there will be a free version of AVG 7 and it will be well announced in the forum also when you go to update your current AVG 6 it should tell you when version 7 is available for download.

  Legolas 18:20 29 Oct 2004

Shorty123 on the link from mpb click on Trial Versions on the left of the page and download version 7 for free.

  Shorty123 20:54 29 Oct 2004

Thanks for that, I'll sleep soundly tonight now!

  crocodile36 21:22 29 Oct 2004

........from the Grisoft website:

All current AVG 6.0 Free users will be able to upgrade to the new AVG Free Edition before December 31, 2004 or purchase the full AVG Anti-Virus protection at any time.

So, no need to panic at all.

  Tim1964 23:30 29 Oct 2004

mpb's link is for a 30 day trial of version 7 (I think???)

  pj123 14:51 30 Oct 2004

Thanks, Fruit Bat /\0/\ and Djohn. I see what you are saying. The new complete download does not necessarily keep up with the updates. I have copied the updates from my computer to the non connected one and it has found and isolated 5 viruses.

Thanks for the help.

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