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Latest version Firefox 36.0 slow?

  hiwatt 18:31 26 Feb 2015

Hi folks Have any of you installed the latest version of firefox? It's really slow for me.They've also changed the search bar option so you cant just click to get your desired site. Has anyone noticed any difference? I'm wondering if an uninstall/fresh reinstall will mak any difference? Thanks.

  VCR97 19:01 26 Feb 2015

Haven't noticed any difference.

  robin_x 19:17 26 Feb 2015

I'm still on 35, with Auto Updates off.

You can downgrade again via Filehippo if you want to try old versions.

  hiwatt 19:29 26 Feb 2015

Thanks folks. Yeah I was gonna do that @robintheumpteenth but I uninstalled/reinstalled and it doesn't seem as bad.IE which I don't use seems faster though. I'll stay with it for now and see how it goes.

  stevethetester 17:14 28 Feb 2015


Downgraded back to version 35 as there are still several compatibility issues with some of the add-ons; at the moment download helper doesn't work (new version being worked on) which is a deal breaker for me. Hard to tell regarding speed though; for general surfing Google chrome (and to a large extent IE 11) is still noticeably faster than Firefox.

Hope this helps, Steve

  Border View 22:34 28 Feb 2015

No problem here. If anything its a tad faster.

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