latest update not working on home page

  mco 14:38 27 Apr 2006

I've updated my site today 27th and on all pages except the home page it gives the correct date - but on the home page it still says 18th. I don't understand it because the code I pasted in went into the master border the same for all pages - do you see the same difference as me, and if so, any ideas what I can do? It bothers me, because people will look at the home page and think it hasn't been updated -when it has!
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  Forum Editor 17:58 27 Apr 2006

but I suspect that you've used a third-party Javascript to update the 'last modified' date.

Did you update the homepage?

If you didn't, the date probably won't change on that page - the script is probably set to look for changes in the "current document".

  mco 18:15 27 Apr 2006

I didn't update the homepage, true, but nor did I update many other pages, all of which have the correct date.(I only changed a couple) The code does mention 'current document' but I assumed when I publish via NOF, and the code being in the master border, it would change on all pages whether updated or not. Added to which, I'm sure it has worked ok in previous updates.

  Forum Editor 19:35 27 Apr 2006

I've taken a quick look at your code, and the script looks OK - at least a first glance. Have you tried a re-publish to the server?

  mco 22:36 27 Apr 2006

I have, actually, in between my two postings this evening. No difference. I suppose I shall have to make a random alteration to the home page and see if it changes then - but that won't explain the initial problem.

  mco 14:41 28 Apr 2006

I updated another page today - but left the home page alone - then when I published, it decided to change the homepage date too - so all is well. Obviously it just didn't want to co-operate yesterday!

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