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  Tazfan 21:10 22 Jan 2003
  Tazfan 21:10 22 Jan 2003

What is the difference between over the top, and a bit on the harsh side?

Its another wrongly worded/to few answers to chose from poll.

Its right he got a custodial, but there is no option if you think 2 years is not enough, but dont think the key should be thrown away.

  obbit 21:16 22 Jan 2003

Throw away the key is about right

  VoG™ 00:15 23 Jan 2003

I've decided to reply to your "unofficial" thread rather than the "official" PCA one (I'm too lazy).

Personally, and what I have voted, is that he got what he deserved. We have to get these things into perspective considering what drug smugglers and killers get, for example.

What might seem like a bit of fun to some causes untold misery to home users and untold hours and megabucks to businesses. What posseses people to write these things is completly beyond me. I dabble in programming and could fairly easily produce an Excel (probably Word also) file that would do its best to trash your C: drive. I have no reason or motivation to do that - it is far more interesting to me to solve my own or others' problems.

End of rant (^Z)

  billyliv 00:35 23 Jan 2003

Hi, What is the point of all these polls? I have taken part in days gone bye, but from now on in I dont think I'll bother. This world is going round the twist!! Pick your nose with your left hand while sitting at a traffic light waiting for the light to turn green and you will be arrested for not being in charge of your vechicle. Break into someones property and steal everything that they have ever worked for and the boys in blue are told not to bother. It is about time that when someone attempts to use a computer that has been stolen a great big dialouge box comes up and says 'Do not have anything to do with this thread,this user is not authorised. Goodnight all. Bill

  Cordy13 00:37 23 Jan 2003

Here's one I made earlier, click here

  Cordy13 00:41 23 Jan 2003

And.... before everyone gets their knickers in a twist, 'tis a joke!

  Migwell 00:43 23 Jan 2003

They used to hang horse thives. How about Arab countries where they cut off hands for theft. I ask myself some of you think giving him 2 years is a bit over the top, come on! he should have been floged then kept in a stinking rat infested cell for at least 20 years.

  billyliv 00:45 23 Jan 2003

Hi Cordy13, 'Like it' Bill

  SafeHaven 00:58 23 Jan 2003

The people that make the laws can't understand the laws and the justice system so how are we s'pose to understand? I guess at the end of the day unless your a judge? We can't do anything about the system because not all will be pleased with the outcome.

  bigray 07:18 23 Jan 2003

Corby13, really good, gave me a laugh, thanks

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