latest nvidia drivers

  sopwith 12:13 04 May 2005

anybody having any problems with latest release of drivers from nvidia.
mines on a 5600xt and is very unstable infact has frozen screen and let off a shrill noise
installed properly ie. uninstalled old drivers first and all components and then installed new ones
have nvidia made a mess of it again

  garrema 12:56 04 May 2005

The latest 71.89 driver is optimised for 6xxx range of cards and while Nvidia say they are backwards compatible this may be the cause. The optimisations are not likely to give you much of an improvement over the older drivers. I ran my 5600 on 5303 drivers utill upgrading earlier this year and was unable to get much more out of the card with later drivers (and a few crashes) so lived with the older driver.

  Chegs ® 13:03 04 May 2005

I just happened to notice(while researching another driver problem)a comment in another forum stating they were having issues with new NV driver and Nero.As it wasn't the info I was after I didn't note the forum name/url.I have had minor troubles after upgrading NVidia drivers previously(back with 28.30)but none that would lead me to say "NVidia had messed up again" I'm still using 53.03,as I find this works faultlessly.I did try the newest driver offered by M$ Updates,but my PC was so unstable afterwards(Not just the NV driver,but HDD/Modem and a few other components had their drivers updated)I returned my PC to "as before" with an imaging app(DriveImage)and made a mental note to stay away from M$ driver updates. :-)

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