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  wednesday 13 11:18 31 Aug 2003

when I first heard about the virus, I went on the microsoft website to find out how to block it. There I found out it doesn't effect windows 98 so I left it. however, I've had a couple of problems and I am no wondering if windows 98 is effected. Is it effected?

If the Effect of the virus is to Affect the pc.....

No, the Blaster worm should not affect Win 98, but many others still might and considering that Microsoft have stopped supporting 98 it may well be worth upgrading to XP and joining the rest of us in dealing with these lovely virri!!!!

  Kitz E Kat 11:51 31 Aug 2003

Threre a millions of viruses out there, so the fact that one dont affect 98, should not let you be off your guard.
You say you have a 'couple ' of problems, did you do a full scan of your PC?

Is your anti virus up to date, you do have anti virus protection, dont you?

Kitz E

  wednesday 13 12:01 31 Aug 2003

I am trying to update the anti virus disc as often as possible. I have not long had my PC second hand and the disc is 2002. I am trying to get 2004.
I won't update because there is more chance of catching it and 98 is supposed to be best. Many people have wanted to go back to 98 aswell.

  pj123 15:13 31 Aug 2003

Go to click here and dowload the free AVG antivirus programme. You can update it any time you like for free. You will find lots of forum members use AVG, including me.

  -pops- 15:17 31 Aug 2003

I suggest you go to AVG as well but - - -- be careful you don't have AVG and any other antivirus going at the same time. Remove your old one first.

  pj123 15:19 31 Aug 2003

The Blaster doesn't affect win98 (at the moment) but that doesn't mean all us win98ers should be complacent. As soon as the virus writers realise they may just change it. Always be vigilant, keep your virus checker up to date!!! I have had 16 calls from some of the people I teach (all using XP) All virus free now, one of them didn't even have a virus checker, now got AVG.

  pj123 15:20 31 Aug 2003

Thanks -pops-, forgot that bit.

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