Latest CCleaner Ver.1.17.090

  Henmin 17:56 21 Feb 2005

Hi there,

I've just downlosded the latest version of CCleaner Ver.1.17.090. When I click on the old Icon on my DESKTOP which is now 1.17.090 the CCleaner Window opens but when I click RUN CLEANER I get this little Window saying -
"This process will permanently delete files from your system. Are you sure you wish to proceed."

Has anyone else experienced this. I chose CANCEL instead of OK



  Belatucadrus 18:04 21 Feb 2005

It's an additional warning feature, you can disable it if you want. It appears to be fairly futile as the whole point of the cleaner is to get rid of the junk files. Click on cancel and it doesn't do anything.

  Buchan 35 18:08 21 Feb 2005

It at least shows you the files it suggests deleting, after that it`s up to you

  Henmin 18:15 21 Feb 2005


Thanks for the prompt reply. I was scared that it might have deleted my important or personal files. So it's safe to Click OK?


  Henmin 18:24 21 Feb 2005

Buchan 35,

I know, with the older version 1.16 it showed dozens of files deleted. How would anyone know if some of these were important files for your system. I suppose it clever enough to only delete all the unimportant files.



  Jackcoms 18:45 21 Feb 2005

As its name suggests, it will only ever delete crap files (temp files, last document opened, temp internet files, download logs, empty the recycle bin, etc).

It will never touch system files, Word files, Excel files, .exe files, etc.

Its the best free clean-up utility available.

I use it all the time. I've never backed up my registry and my PC runs like a dream (famous last words!).

  Henmin 19:07 21 Feb 2005


Thanks for the confidence. It's so wonderful to have all you PC experts out there giving up your time to educate folks like me who are on the first step of the PC ladder.


  Completealias 19:10 21 Feb 2005

Am new to using ccleaner also all the entrys that are found by the registry scanner are they safe to wipe or is some discretion required? Don't mean 2 steal the thread but seeing as it was on the subject thought i'd ask

  Taw® 19:15 21 Feb 2005

Completealias as Jackcoms states I have also used it with no adverse effects

  Henmin 19:24 21 Feb 2005


Welcome to the Club - CCleaner

I'm happy and I'm sure that you are happy with all the confidence supplied in this Thread.


  Completealias 19:24 21 Feb 2005


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