Latest BT Special offer on Broadband and Phone?.

  spuds 12:18 09 May 2012

Many years ago, I was a subscriber to GPO then BT, leaving to join Lineone/BT Surftime.

Over the years BT have made various offers so that I would return to their services. Over the past month BT have tried to entice me to one of their latest offers, Free Call for a year with BT Total Broadband for £13 per month.

I am seriously considering this latest offer, but I am wondering if its to good to be true, because I seem to recall that it was perhaps mentioned on somewhere like the BBC Watchdog program, that the small print need close observation.

Question: Have you transferred to this new deal, or one of BT's new deals,or perhaps have information that might be interesting to know first, before taking the plunge?.

Wasn't sure whether that should have gone in Consumer Watch, but Help is required!.

  spuds 12:21 09 May 2012

I should have also mentioned, that at present, if any problems occur with my present ISP (TalkTalk), getting help from overseas can be a real nightmare. Is BT any better?.

  KRONOS the First 12:34 09 May 2012

I have seen the ads on the TV but have not been persuaded to move from Be Broadband as my last experience with BT over a phone problem only got sorted out after I emailed the Chief Executive. This was some years ago and BT's customer service may well have improved. But I am of the opinion that once bitten twice shy.

No doubt others will be able to advise you better. As an aside Be customer service is also rubbish,based over seas (Asian) so undoubtedly there are communication difficulties but the service in general is faultless. Most reliable broadband service I have ever had.

  northumbria61 12:38 09 May 2012

I wouldn't say that the offer was too good to be true. BT are making these offers to attract new customers. I have been with BT Total Broadband (Option2) for 3 years now and not had any problems so can't comment on Customer Service.

I haven't seen the offers but I imagine the small print would probably contain information as to how long the contract would be - ie: "locked-in" for 12 or 18 months. The FREE calls for a year sounds good to me.

I currently pay £22.50 for Total Broadband (Option2) plus £14.60 for Line Rental plus calls (I opted for evenings & weekends only)

  spuds 13:00 09 May 2012

Thanks guys for the response.

The actual offer, seems to suggest that you will get "unlimited UK calls for £13.00 per month for broadband, whoever you want, whenever you want including 0845 and 0870".

It then goes to state the line rental is £10.75 per month, twelve months in advance.

So if I read that clearly, there appears to be something wrong with the way the offer is being presented. Calls might be free, but the broadband and and line rental are not, because a monthly charge of £23.75 (no vat is mentioned?).

To me, this would be a better offer that TalkTalk are providing at the moment, because I only get free telephone calls in the evening and at weekends. Being a low call telephone user, this is not gaining full advantage of that offer, but I accept this.

The thing that concerns me the most, is what happens after the 'free' 12 month period, as there is no mention about this. Will the price increase dramatically?.

Regarding the service part, at present, any problems with the TalkTalk service as to be referred to them, via an overseas contact, then after a whole lot of rigmarole it is eventually directed to BT OpenReach for correction. I am thinking in terms of a more direct approach, if and when line and exchange problems occur?.

  northumbria61 13:06 09 May 2012

What happens after 12 months? The way mine works is that about 1 month before the 12 months contract is due for renewal BT send details of the Renewal Contract and pricing - you then have the option to "opt out"

  spuds 13:28 09 May 2012

Perhaps a final question.

Presently I have a Webmail service with TT, and quite a number of contacts through that. Changing the email procedure and informing others who hold those details, sounds a little daunting. Would this be correct, or a simple task. Hotmail or GMail doesn't appeal to me, and possibly to some of my contacts?.

  onthelimit1 13:59 09 May 2012

The benefit of something like gmail (which I use) is that you will never have to change it, even if you change ISP. It's not difficult to email everyone in your address book to inform them of a change of email address - more difficult, perhaps, is changing it for all the other places where your email address is used (such as the membership for this forum).

As far as BT is concerned, I've contacted their (Indian based) helplines for several people who have had problems - I've had no difficulties with their level of English, and they have always resolved the problems within a reasonable time.

  lotvic 14:26 09 May 2012

If you want a really good completely Free and independent of any ISP (so you never have to change your email address no matter who your isp is) I can recommend I've been with them for years, the range of free 'extras' file services, virus checks etc. they offer is superb (I have no connection with the company other than I signed up and use them for free email pop and web)

  KRONOS the First 14:30 09 May 2012

Exactly, it seems sill to be tied to a broadband providers email service when changing to a different provider is always possible. I to use Gmail but was still getting emails via the AOL address some years after moving ISP. so I would imagine you could continue to use TT email address whilst also setting up a Gmail account and have your old TT emails funneled to your new Gmail address.

With Gmail you can add 5 email accounts so simplicity to add your TT account until you have told everyone of your change of email etc.

  compumac 16:21 09 May 2012

I have BT Broadband Option 1 (max 10GB) at £8.25/month + Unlimited phone calls at £4.90/month. Equates to £13.15 per month plus any other calls to mobiles and similar. I also pay line rental upfront of £129/annum. Total cost per annum £286 equating to £23.90 per month.

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