Latest Avast free programme update slows pc

  martd7 09:01 13 Dec 2015

As above,after the recent programme update my windows 7 desktop takes an age before it becomes usable,the desktop icon images appear intermittently,the internet access icon sits with a spinning blue circle for sometime waiting for avast to appear on the taskbar then the pc is usable,its about 2mins before there's any response

The previous version wasn't so long to load up

Anyone else having the same delay ?


  onthelimit1 09:29 13 Dec 2015

I use avast on W7 and have no problems. I'd try an uninstall reinstall and if still poor, swop to Avira free

  onthelimit1 09:31 13 Dec 2015

Having said that, just checked and an update is available for Avast on my PC. I'm installing now and will let you kn

  onthelimit1 09:31 13 Dec 2015

Whoops - know how it is later.

  onthelimit1 09:43 13 Dec 2015

Same as you - slowed to a crawl and Skype wouldn't open. Have uninstalled and all OK so I'm going down the Avira route.

  spuds 10:37 13 Dec 2015

I have noticed with Avast recently, that there appears to be an increase of pop-ups, especially requests for upgrades,at a fee.

Whether this is an indication that all is not well with Avast, I would not really know. But it might be worth keeping an eye on things!.

  tullie 10:39 13 Dec 2015

No problems here with Avast

  martd7 10:45 13 Dec 2015

On the limit 1

Pc runs ok its the initial wait to use the desktop as avast loads,after that the pcs fine


Yes there are many popups,programs that need updating,out of date programmes,junk files etc

  [DELETED] 12:46 13 Dec 2015

I've got version 11.1.2245 on Windows 10 and is ok. No update available though. It's a beta version.

  martd7 16:16 13 Dec 2015

rdave 13

yes same version 11.1.2245 on windows 7

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