And the latest annoyance

  [email protected]@m 12:09 08 Dec 2003

is the long titles which cause the 'Latest threads' box to take nearly half the screen. Could it not be limited to, say, 24 characters like mine?

  smegs 12:13 08 Dec 2003

I agree with you [email protected]@m, the threads are the for all to see. Why should there not be a limit to say 20 in the title? This Lilac box on the Left is getting out of hand.

  Djohn 13:09 08 Dec 2003

Hi [email protected]@m

This is the one that's causing the problem every time it comes back to the top of the page! I've put spaces in to stop it turning into a link.

http: // www. pcadvisor. co. uk /index .cfm?go= discuss. thread& threadid= 119811 &forumid =1

  [email protected]@m 14:00 08 Dec 2003

Hi Djohn, yes that's the one. If you notice, the titles are now going onto a second line. Perhaps it's been tweaked by the boffins.

  Pesala 18:41 08 Dec 2003

I don't agree. The thread title is already short enough. Not everyone is very good at expressing themselves concisely. What might save space is to allow only lowercase in thread titles, if that's possible.

I suspect that the latest annoyance for the Forum Editor is the number of threads complaining about the site. It is only a few weeks since they completely revamped the site, which was on the whole greatly appreciated.

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