latest advice on spam?

  Jacqual 12:43 06 Nov 2006

This morning I had to delete nearly 200 spam emails. The volume has been rising gradually over the last year, but it is now beyond a joke so I would appreciate some advice based on knowledge of the current state of the spam war.

On my PC I have Word 2000Professional, a Kerio Firewall, Norton 2006,and I use Outlook Express,with broadband via NTL, and my webpage hosting via LCN.

Almost all the spam comes from either the
webpage [email protected] link, or through my business email (I work from home).

What to do? I can get rid of the [email protected] and substitute something different produced in a graphic software to prevent auto-harvesting. But I need to keep my business email so I guess this means producing a list of people/companies allowed access? Can I configure my existing software better, or should I upgrade my Norton?
I was also thinking of installing Mailwasher which seems well thought of in your forums.

I realise I will never get rid of all of the junk but I do need to do something. So any general advice/comments would be appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:14 06 Nov 2006

I'd certainly install MailWasher as a first option - it is excellent and will help a lot; after some use it learns quickly what is legit and what is spam and it's dns checking facility will also help.

  €dstowe 13:42 06 Nov 2006

Who is your ISP?

You may find they have a spam trap - BTYahoo certainly does and it traps over 500 junk mails a day on one of my email accounts. A few get through and these are trapped by ePrompter.

  Jacqual 13:56 06 Nov 2006

Thanks for that. I noticed in the forum somewhere that some people prefer an older version of Mailwasher to the latest. Any comment on that?

Also I did have Windows Defender installed some time ago, but it seems to have uninstalled itself somehow. is it worth re-installing it or is it just a distraction?

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