Lately frequent deframentation needed

  skew 22:53 29 Aug 2006

My 120gig HD is partitioned into C:\ 10G; D:\ 20G and rest is E:\. C: has Windows XP, D: is Applications and E: Data.

Using Tools through My computer, to check whether a drive needed defragmenting it rarely did. Now however when I check the C: drive it always recommends defragmentation. Is this a sign of something going wrong?



  woodchip 22:58 29 Aug 2006

No it could be a Indication on the partition is getting full

  ed-0 23:06 29 Aug 2006

10GB is a bit small for "C". I always reserve a min of 15Gb. what space do you have left on the "C" drive.

Things you can do;-

redusce system restore from it's default of 1.2Gb down to 400Mb.

Move the paging file / virtual memory from the "C" drive to your "E" drive. This will cut down the fragmentation of "C".

Evening woodchip;-)

  woodchip 23:08 29 Aug 2006

Hi-a ed-0, It's just about come to a stop on hear and other side

  ed-0 23:12 29 Aug 2006

You'll have to stop fixing all these computers, so us mortals can have a go. lol

Whats it been like over the pennines this afternoon, we had a couple of good lightning strikes around 4pm to 6pm. Needless to say all was unpluged.

  skew 23:16 29 Aug 2006

Thanksfor replies, and very prompt at that. Have just over 3 G of space on C:
Will take your advice about moving pageing file.

Thanks again

  woodchip 23:20 29 Aug 2006

No too bad this after noon, But this morning the Rain Woo. I am at the moment fitting a Satellite System up it’s a Freeview type that can be used mobile in a Caravan. But I bought a Fixed 80cm Dish. It's getting the Dish logged in to sat that's the problem. I used a finder for Astra 2 Then when I removed the finder and Did the bolts up but know it's out of sink. So will have a go tomorrow if the weather holds.

PS Astra 1 as all the funny stuff on it

  ed-0 00:01 30 Aug 2006

Are you hoping to get it ready for Wales.

They can be a pig just setting them up from a house, how will you align it when in the great outdoors, by compas?

  woodchip 00:07 30 Aug 2006

I have both Compass and Electronic finder. It makes sound and got LEDs that light up as you get near to Sat also got a sensitivity nob to help set up

  woodchip 00:10 30 Aug 2006

Ps the disc on site can sit in the case that it goes in, it fits in the lid so it can be angled and just have it on roof of caravan if I want to get a quick signal

  ed-0 00:18 30 Aug 2006

well what can you say to that ;-)

Looks like you've got it licked when it's finally bolted down.

Off for a few zzzzzz's now.

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