Late mesh Computer

  mattwr 04:14 15 Oct 2008

I have just bought but not recieved a new Mesh Computer "Xtreme X9950GTX" to be exact, i ordered what i thought was or is a lovely PC. Now Unfortunatly the fun has started, i ordered the pc on the 30th Sep, and was due to be delivered WITHIN 10 working day's. I rang up before hand just to make sure thing's were running smoothly, and they said no worries. I still hadn't recieved an e'mail conferming this as stated so i rang again. Now there's a delay with the CPU unit's so there will be a delay up to early next week they say.
Now if they were as professional as they say with all there award's etc don't you think somebody would of at least contacted me with this little detail, concidering it is the BRAINS of the machine. Now after all the information i have been up reading all night, im really concerned. If anything what can be done and if things go from bad to worse what can i do ?? Before people start saying it's my own fault buying a Mesh Computer in the first place, then you are right, but i was ignorant, and didn't check first.


  Andsome 08:17 15 Oct 2008

Why not just CANCEL it? You have every right to do so in common law. My advice is to find a good local supplier with a decent reputation, discuss your requirement with him and let him build one to an agreed specification. I may even cost a few pounds more, but will not be pre loaded with a load of garbage trial programs that you do not want, and that will clutter up your computer. What is more, you will not have a dedicated Mesh operating system with no installation disk supplied. You will have whatever operating system that you specify and can ask for the installation disk so that you can reinstall at any time. I have done this in the past and am shortly to do the same again.

  Pine Man 09:03 15 Oct 2008

'you will not have a dedicated Mesh operating system with no installation disk supplied'


I have Vista Home premium installed and a Vista Home premium disk supplied by Mesh.

'pre loaded with a load of garbage trial programs'

No trial programs were loaded. Only full programs like Cyberlink.

  Andsome 09:45 15 Oct 2008

Pine Man

If that is true than Mesh are certainly the odd one out amongst the major manufacturers, and I take back what I said. I would still cancel the computer as that have not adhered to the agreement. I would still also use a local firm, for far easier support in case of later problems.

  mattwr 11:22 15 Oct 2008

Pine man

Have you a Mesh Computer and have you had any quieries with it, and if so have there Customer Service Guys sorted it out.. The more i read up on the firm and the LACK of interest they show in there Customers i feel i just want to bail even before i have started.. One of the main thing's is that they didn't even ring or contact to inform me of the delay to the major part of the pc. A simple phone call or e'mail would of put me at ease..

  kalignorgna 12:01 15 Oct 2008

when i purchased my system part's from scan i got them delivered within day's the only problem i had was the CPU wich the texted and e-mailed me so i knew very good service and good price's they also build systems and if ur having proglems with Mesh i would recommend them happly. click here also also gladiatorcomputers and overclockers at click here are good place's to buy pc's from all these build to order so u just need to tell them what u want and order it

  kalignorgna 12:02 15 Oct 2008

ment to say "was the CPU which i was notified about via text and e-mail"

  Pine Man 12:27 15 Oct 2008

This is my second Mesh.

The first was faultless and I had it for about 7/8 years.

The second was purchased about 18 months ago and was delivered about two days late but I was informed of this the day before delivery was originally due.

It worked perfectly straight out of the box and contained the Vista disk. There was also a big sheet of paper warning me to back up the Drivers folder which contained all of the pre-loaded full versions of software installed. (Judging by some of the complaints on the Mesh forum most people seem to ignore this instruction until they have re-installed their system and can't find the software!)

I had one problem with it about three months ago when the DVD writer became intermittent. I contacted Mesh who sent me a label by return of post. I wrapped up the DVD writer, stuck on the lable and contacted Mesh again who arranged collection by a courier the next day. I received a new, better, DVD writer after about five days.

My next PC will be a Mesh!

  mattwr 12:42 15 Oct 2008

Pine man

Thank's for your swift response. See my worrie's are too lack of interest in telling me there was going to be a delay, I had to chase it up.. Also why not much sooner ?? I must admit i should of done some checking on the company, but their web site looked so good and decent price's for the spec.. I will give them the benefit of the doubt by ringing again to make sure it is arriving early next week and hope i don't have any of the problem's other's have had.. Glad to hear you are happy with your system.. Thank's

  Pine Man 13:27 15 Oct 2008

The trouble is that Mesh have been guilty on occasion of letting their customer service standards slip.

You rarely find people praising companies, merely criticising them and frequently unjustifiably.

Andsome, above, made comments about Mesh which were completely untrue but served to support the myth that they are a bad company. He had the good grace to retract the statement (only if I was telling the truth!) but if I hadn't responded it would have been another (unjustifiable) nail in Mesh's coffin.

I hope your Mesh experience goes well.

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