At last got on the Web but still no e-mail

  [DELETED] 14:48 17 Dec 2003

Okay, History:
Win 98
Outlook Express5/6
My son messed some of the settings about and the computer would not find the modem about 3to 4 weeks ago. Then the system started to freeze up and shut down itself. Bad sections then started to appear each time scan disc came on.
SO I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled.
My computer is talking to the modem now and of course I am on the web, BUT it will still not let me receive e-mail.

  [DELETED] 14:50 17 Dec 2003

More details on that e-mail problem please....


Outlook Express 5 or 6??

Error messages??

  Stuartli 15:31 17 Dec 2003

Have you checked the configuration in Accounts (Mail tab) and your POP3 etc details?

Try sending yourself an e-mail and see what happens - it should come back within a few seconds normally.

It also depends whether anyone has sent you an e-mail..-)

  [DELETED] 15:31 17 Dec 2003

Outlook 6
error Password

  [DELETED] 15:39 17 Dec 2003

Password what?

If it says the Password is incorrect then i guess the password is incorrect!

  [DELETED] 15:50 17 Dec 2003

Okay, so I have forgot the password!
Please tell me what to do.
Do I have to get in touch by phone to the isp or what to get a new password

  johnnyrocker 16:01 17 Dec 2003

if your mail is with your isp you will have to contact them for password or they will direct you to part of their website.


  johnnyrocker 16:01 17 Dec 2003

you will need to contact your isp if that is who you have the mail account.



  johnnyrocker 16:04 17 Dec 2003

sorry about double post but when sending the first one i got java run time error cant connect to server so i thought i would do it again now you have both ;))


  [DELETED] 16:09 17 Dec 2003


  Stuartli 16:17 17 Dec 2003

Isn't your password the same as your ISP connection version? Same for username.

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