The last 3 computers I had all had the same problems. Why?

  BernardoCruz 16:03 24 Oct 2014

Good afternoon everyone! Since January 2013 I've had three computers, of different brands (Asus, Toshiba, HP Compaq), and they all developed the same problems: Windows not starting (it crashes when starting and then retries to start and crashes again), screen turning black (for a few seconds or permanently until restarting the PC), blue screens of error and Internet connection failures (I had to go to the Control Panel to disable the WiFi connection and activate it again). What's causing these problems in all 3 computers?

  wee eddie 16:18 24 Oct 2014

Just a stab in the dark - Could you be keeping your PC on the floor, next to a radiator or in a cupboard? - Overheating - Full of dust/fluff

  lotvic 17:03 24 Oct 2014

If they truly do all have the same cause of problems, find the common denominator.

Do you still have all three computers?

  Aitchbee 17:04 24 Oct 2014

Try plugging into another electrical socket.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 24 Oct 2014

Corrupt windows files / corrupt drivers.

  Woolwell 19:31 24 Oct 2014

What have you installed?

  [DELETED] 21:16 24 Oct 2014

The most obvious common denominator is the user. How do you protect the computer from malware and viruses? For all three to fail in the same way, and from three different manufacturers, almost certainly points to the way you use them and the most obvious thing is lack of protection when connected to the internet. In thirty plus years of computing I have only had one computer fail within a year of purchase so to have three fail within twenty-one months seems astounding. You don't indicate whether these are laptops or not, but, if they are they should also be given a bit of extra attention to how they are used. Do use on a hard clean surface if you can as that gives better ventilation and cooling and less chance of clogging the cooling fan on the processor. For any computer a good anti-virus program and an anti malware program are essentials for going on-line, and make certain the definitions are kept up to date as well. Try resetting your last computer to 'as delivered', there should be a restore partition on the hard drive. Then install anti-virus and anti malware and try again.

  BernardoCruz 12:42 31 Oct 2014

Ty everyone! wee eddie: I keep it over my desk all the time, except when I transport it in a suitcase at weekends. lotvic: Besides the one I have now, another one of the three is my brother's computer now and doesn't have any problems since I gave it to him...! Aitchbee: It has happened while I lived in different places, different eletrical sockets. Fruit Bat /\0/\: How is it that the files were corrupted in all 3 computers? canarieslover: Yup, laptops. The first failed in the last weeks of the 2-year warranty, so the second came as a replacement (without new warranty) and failed a year later. I exchanged computer with my brother, the computer worked fine wjth him and the computer I got started failing within a few months. I keep them over my desk all the time except at weekends. For antivirus I use eScan (the same as my brother and he doesn't have any problems).

  lotvic 13:12 31 Oct 2014

Seems that's the answer then - you are the common denominator.

Follow the advice in canarieslover's post.

  SparkyJack 16:34 01 Nov 2014

Some cant wear watches either!

Seriously thoughbitvwould seem the userviscthe common denominator

One of us asked, 'What software is bing installed by the user?'

Was there an an answer?

Incompatible programs/multiple loss NHS of antivirus/firewall and the like

  compumac 16:47 01 Nov 2014

When you are using these computers, are they on a network with the problem emanating from that network?

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