Laserjet 6L worked perfectly until changed laptop and Windows7

  The Forge 18:28 08 Aug 2014

We have an HP LaserJet 6L printer, old yes but its worked on a USB cable fine when connected to Dell XP or Toshiba Windows 7 laptops. My Toshiba failed I bought another Dell and the printer will not work at all on the new Dell. My husband upgraded his XP software on his Dell to Windows 7 and that ended his printing on the LaserJet too. A very helpful person at Dell spent ages trying to sort it out and said it was a driver problem and we downloaded all possible drivers from but nothing worked. I have spent an hour on the phone with HP and they say it has to have a parallel connection which is rubbish its been working fine on a USB for years. A call to Microsoft this afternoon produced the response that both the laptops are covered under manufacture warranties and not the responsibility of Microsoft unless I pay for it. check the drivers.
I did not save a copy of the drivers before I changed laptops, the chap at Microsoft did say well perhaps the driver is not reliable enough on the windows system to activate the printer.
The error message is USB devise not recognised - then is says HP Laserjet6 not recognised on this computer - which sort of suggests there are no drivers? please can someone point me in the right direction. the printer is very good and reliable for my work.
Thanks very much Caroline

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:41 08 Aug 2014

Have you installed windows 7 32bit or 64 bit?

According to HP the drivers are part of windows 7 but you do need to be sure you have the latest updates for windows 7

  woodchip 21:20 08 Aug 2014

try 32bit drivers they should work on both

  BRYNIT 23:24 08 Aug 2014

Have you got it connected via a USB3 slot if so try it via a USB2 slot.

  imendpc 23:51 08 Aug 2014

I recently diagnosed and fixed an HP Laserjet 4L that lost its printing in Windows 7 (turned out problem was due to USB port assignment issue). Anyway, I think your problem is fixable eventually. The Laserjet 4L has parallel port and converted to USB using a parallel to USB cable. So the Laserjets do work with USB whether or not the Windows 7 has its latest update. Windows 7 has drivers all the Laserjet drivers , but not on the pre-installed driver pack. This may work for you as this was how I did Laserjet 4 or 4L for Windows 7, your printer does not need to be connected to your laptop for this method. "Add Printer", "select Local printer LPT1", a list of drivers comes up, click on "Windows update", then Windows goes a Microsoft server (take a long time,10 mins or so,) and gets a much fuller list of old printer drivers,Laserjet 6L is in this fuller list. After you installed this driver, plug in your USB cable and then go to printer properties and assign USB001 to this printer (from LPT1). If problem go to control panel, device manager to check for any missing (USB) drivers (indicated by yellow exclamation mark).

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