Laser Jet Printer?

  David4637 19:37 24 May 2010

I am fed up with my bubble jet, it keeps getting ink blockages.
I mainly print docs and maps etc rather than photos.
Could you please recommend a reasonable colour quality (durable)and easy to maintain laser jet suitable for XP and the likely cost. Are replacement colour toner carts expensive?
Any useful info based on your experience of them would be much appreciated.
Thanks folks

  robin_x 19:56 24 May 2010

Get a wireless one. Less than £40??


Always print in Grayscale, unless you want colour.
Fill up with supermarket kit.

Google How to refill MyPrinter (insert whatever model you buy)
See Argos/Amazon.

Make sure W7 compatible. You will have to upgrade sometime.

  robin_x 19:57 24 May 2010

Sorry W'less ones maybe £70

  KremmenUK 06:55 25 May 2010

I've often considered a Colour laser but they just don't cut it for printing photos.

I only use my Canon ip4000 occasionally, due to running a LaserJet but fortunately I've never suffered any blockages.

  Dark Mantis 11:13 25 May 2010

Samsung do a nice colour laser printer that is also wireless the CLP-315W for about £130 see:
click here
I have used it for a while now and it seems to be reliable and cost effective.

  David4637 19:12 25 May 2010

Thanks for your replies. I am not looking for multi function (scanner copier etc), but just a simple colour laser printer, but need to know cost of replacement toner cart(s)?
I have a mono HP laser jet (HP 5L) so am look towards HP.
Please give me some info on HP Colour Laser Jet, and any thoughts you have?
Thanks David

  David4637 15:00 26 May 2010

Any advice on buying a HP Colour Laser Jet printer, for printing docs, not photos?
I am looking for a good quality print, but only printing say 50 pages a month max. Are the replacemnt toner carts expensive?
Thanks David

  David4637 16:22 27 May 2010

Any advice please.
Thanks David

  David4637 13:04 28 May 2010

refresh - Advice needed see above. Thanks David

  Woolwell 14:43 28 May 2010

I don't have a HP colour laser jet but the HP CP1210 seems to be the cheapest HP
For cartridge prices see click here and click here. Note that you will get about 1400 pages out of a set.

Have you considered an Officejet 6000 instead click here?

  David4637 14:20 29 May 2010

Thanks for all the replies. Woolwell your link on Officejet 6000 did not work?
However the other links were OK - replacement carts seem to be very expensive, and there are 4 of them.
Any other makes of laser jet printers that are good, but less expensive.
Thanks David

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