large movie file

  gav223 19:28 09 Oct 2011


I have a 7gb movie file on my Mac that I want to put on a USB stick to watch on my TV.

It is formatted in FAT 32, but an error code appears when I try to move it over.

I have tried other formats, which do allow it on the stick, but my TV doesn't recognise it.

Is there a way I can split into 2 smaller files and keep it in FAT 32 format.


  BRYNIT 19:58 09 Oct 2011

What format is the movie?

How will you play the movie from the Flash drive?

Its not as simple as putting a movie onto a flash drive in and playing it.

  gav223 20:02 09 Oct 2011


My Samsung TV plays movies directly from the USB drive. I've used it plenty of times with no problems.

The reason I'm having problems is due to the drive not letting a file larger than 4 gb onto the stick in FAT 32 format. However this is the only format my TV will accept.

  robin_x 20:07 09 Oct 2011

Try MPEG Streamclip for Mac.

In Windows it needs Quicktime Alternative 1.81 from Dunno bout Mac version. Readme will tell you.

Trim first half of movie and save, then Undo or reload it and trim second half.

  robin_x 20:10 09 Oct 2011

Or you cluld see if any of the export options that your TV can play, will bring you under 4GB on a single file (possible loss of quality)

  gav223 20:24 09 Oct 2011


All sorted.

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