Large Monitor

  gengiscant 18:38 22 Feb 2010

I use my pc mainly for gaming and want to upgrade from an Acer 2202w to something bigger.26" and upwasrds.
I have about £400- £450 to spend.

  JohnWilliams 18:47 22 Feb 2010

Good for you!

  GaT7 19:04 22 Feb 2010

Your recent thread about the same so others know the ones you've considered click here. G

  MAT ALAN 19:08 22 Feb 2010


not quite grasped what we do here then!!!

My son has just bought a 26" LG for his PS3 and i have to say it takes the gaming into a diferent realm, picture quality is superb..

as for PC
click here
might be a good place to start...

  gengiscant 10:08 23 Feb 2010

I am well aware of my other thread, but as I only had one reply, yours, I ticked as resolved so I could try a differently worded post in the hope of getting other replys.

  donki 10:35 23 Feb 2010

Iiyama B2712HDS 27" LCD Monitor
click here

To be honest id go for a 1080tv over a monitor on that budget, if its soley for gaming. Dell to great big screen monitors 27" up but they are well out of your price bracket. You could get a good 32" Full HD tele, all depends if you want the extra size of a TV or quicker responce time of a monitor. If your computer is soley for gaming I would go for the TV if you spend a bit of time on the net or using programs I would go for the monitor.

Sorry I just read your other post that Crossbow linked, the difference between 2ms and 6 ms really is insignificant to us mere humans. I game on my PC with a 23" Samsung monitor responce time 2ms and with my Xbox I game on a 42" with 6ms responce time, I am yet to notice any ghosting on the big screen. For a gaming experience bigger is definitely better. Just my opinion.

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