Large H/Drives question

  fullywired23 11:28 08 May 2004

I have been thinking of buying a larger H/D and have seen a 180gb at a reasonable price but my motherboard an Asus A7V is three years old now and I seem to remember reading somewhere that older motherboards can't see H/ds over 133gb does anyone have a 180gbfitted on an old motherboard?


  alnwrd 11:57 08 May 2004

why not visit the asus web site and see if they can tell you

  Totally-braindead 12:01 08 May 2004

Can't tell you about the motherboard bit but I know that different versions of Windows can only see up to a certain size, Win 98 for example can't see a drive above, 80 gigs I think, you need XP for larger drives.( not sure if the size is right but I'm sure someone will correct me)

  ste_bla 12:08 08 May 2004

i had a 140gb on 98se...

  Totally-braindead 12:21 08 May 2004

Just spent the last few minutes trawling through the Microsoft site, I might be wrong as the only thing I can find is that Win 95 is limited to 32 gig, I can't find any limitations on Win 98SE. Sorry I led you up the garden path there.

  Totally-braindead 12:24 08 May 2004

Which motherboard so you have? This is the link to the Asus webpage and there are 7 motherboards mentioned.
click here

  RevHed 14:57 08 May 2004

A friend of mine installed a 180gb HD on a 2 year old machine running XP. It only recognised the 133gb you mentioned and she was told there was nothing she could do about it but if you go into Administrative Tools and then Computer Management and then select Disk Management you will see that it does show the rest but is inusable. If you click on the unusable space you will be able to create the partion and then create a logical drive out of it.

  temp003 16:47 08 May 2004

You need support from both the motherboard BIOS and the OS.

You need w2k SP3 or later, or XP SP1.

For the motherboard, if the BIOS has an option for 48-bit LBA addressing - but it may be called something else in BIOS (not just LBA, but 48-bit LBA), then it will support the large hdd.

A 3 year old model has a good chance of supporting hdds larger than 137GB (128GB in Windows). Either the original BIOS supports it, or there's a BIOS update for it.

If you can get the exact model name of the motherboard, you can go to the website and check the specs, or for BIOS updates (or someone else here can check it for you).

If your motherboard supports ATA-133, then it definitely supports hdds larger than 137GB.

If motherboard doesn't support it, the better solution is to buy an ATA-133 PCI adapter card. Alternative is to use hdd manufacturer's drive overlay software, but that is a last resort.

  fullywired23 23:42 08 May 2004

Thanks to every one who responded to my post .I have found the asus knowledge base and it seems that I need a Bios update and I don't really like the sound of that.Flashing the Bios is fraught with danger, if you make a mistake it's bingo

thanks again


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