Large hard drive problem

  Charlie Farnsbarns 22:36 05 Jan 2004

Thanks to all for help on RAM query a short while ago - could I throw another problem at you.I recently bought a Maxtor 200GB hard drive for video use on offer at Maplins, the Bios only recognised 137GB - Installed SP1 then Large Drive Enabling prog from Maxtor site.Still 137GB on BIOS but Windows XP recognised full size & Partition Magic formatted 194odd GB- everything fine till disc starting to fill up,presumably at around 130ishGB, then WIPEOUT time,whole file system gone RAW.Reformatted OK, then happened again.No BIOS update available, already checked-very grateful for any help.

  DieSse 22:45 05 Jan 2004

click here Read this Maxtor FAQ about drives over 137Gb.

  DieSse 22:55 05 Jan 2004

Ah - I see you may have done that already.

Perhaps the best solution would be an add-in controller with a 48bit BIOS built-in.

  Charlie Farnsbarns 23:07 05 Jan 2004

DieSse - Thanks for your help - as you've guessed, I've tried the first 2 options on the Maxtor page you linked, my next question, is a 48bit BIOS add-in controller an expensive piece of kit & is it a PCI devive? Cheers

  woodchip 23:13 05 Jan 2004

PS i thought you needed a new motherboard for sata drives

  woodchip 23:14 05 Jan 2004

Sorry wrong thread

  DieSse 00:07 06 Jan 2004

click here

click here

click here

These three gleaned from the Seagate site, so should be reasonably OK. Have a look in the usual on-line stores/mags for prices.

  Charlie Farnsbarns 00:20 06 Jan 2004

DieSse - Many thanks for all your trouble- if you're ever in Liverpool I'll buy you a beer!!

  byfordr 08:32 07 Jan 2004


Hi all,

Just remember that I never provided a update on this...

The way I managed to install the hard drive was:-
1) Install Operating system (Drive will show as significantly lower disk space than it actually is) 2) Install service pack1 3) Enable big drive over 137gb (In this case running maxtors software from their website - big drive enabler) 4) Install Partition magic (version 8 or above for xp) 5) Resize the drive using pm8 (There should be a massive unformatted, unpartitioned space) 6) Format drive either PM or using windows. 7) Attempt to fill such a massive capacity drive.

Hope this helps someone (and prevents early loss of hair!)


ps Thanks again to everyone who helped at the time

  Charlie Farnsbarns 16:49 07 Jan 2004

Thanks a lot - I'll give a whirl tonight !

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