Large Files?

  daveac41 21:45 11 Jul 2003

I have been attempting to "thin out" some unwanted files in order to gain space on my hard disk. While trying to wipe a Flight simulator game,right-clicking and checking the size showed the program size to be in the region of just under 3TB (terabytes)! Not easy on a 15Gb disk!
Can anyone please solve this one? I am using a W98SE system

  daveac41 22:16 11 Jul 2003

Sorry- I should have added - it gives the message Cant Delete.( The subfile name completely different from real name & contains symbols) and tells me to change name and then doesn't let me change it!!

  daveac41 00:15 12 Jul 2003

Ironman556. Thanks but it won't let me delete it anyhow it says change file name but then still it wont delete. Also it doesn't appear in Add/Remove list, (strangely enough). That only includes files on Original disk , not second hard disk.
Could this be a connection problem. The games play ok

  powerless 00:41 12 Jul 2003

Restart the computer and keep tapping the F8 key. Choose Safe mode from the menu and delete the file in safe mode.

  daveac41 22:53 12 Jul 2003

Tks Powerless - I tried deleting it in in safe mode - still wouldn't budge!!!

  daveac41 07:56 13 Jul 2003

Thanks Ironman556 ,and everybody - Scandisk straightened it out, so that I was able to finally delete , and reinstall.

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