Large drives in XP

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I have win XP with SP2. I have fitted an addidtional maxtor 120 gig IDE hardrive as a slave and have used Maxblast to install it using NTFS as the file system. The thing is Windows only recognises up to 80 gigs and I have had to create a partition for the remaining 40gigs. I am about to install a 200 gig slave in another machine but I do need this to be all one drive, how can I do this , anyone know please?


  [DELETED] 20:56 09 Jun 2006

unpartition the drive

Now right click My Computer, select manage, then disc management. Now right click the slave drive and select Format

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I'm a tad confused, do you mean you used Maxblast to install the disk or to format it? Excuse my ignorance but I'm unfamiliar with Maxblast.

When I fitted a second hard drive to my machine I just set the jumpers to slave and plugged it in. It was recognised by Windows as a hard drive immediately so I just formatted it to NTFS with Partionmagic and it was fine.

  woodchip 21:04 09 Jun 2006

To a large degree, it's the BIOS not windows that sets the size of drive you can use, but I think i have seen it that XP will recognise a 137Gb drive or there abouts. But also seem to think they have created a patch so bigger drives can be seen and setup

  [DELETED] 21:13 09 Jun 2006

No doubt as woodchip says, it will be your bios that is limiting the maximum size of your hard drive. Maxblast just fools the bios to accept the disk. SP2 will have the 48bit LBA that woodchip mentions click here that will recognise drives over 137Gb.

You may have to use a hard drive utility again to fool the bios.

  woodchip 21:19 09 Jun 2006

I think Microsoft created a patch for large drive support over 137Gb this may also help click here

  [DELETED] 21:43 09 Jun 2006

Thanks guys you have answered my question and provided a solution

Thanks again


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