Large Broadband Router

  Anti_Virus 18:18 15 Mar 2006

Does anyone know if there is a Wireless Broadband Router that also has at least 12 ethernet ports? The wireless capabilities need to be 54mbs G. Also, does anyone know where I can buy a female to female coupler?

  mgmcc 20:17 15 Mar 2006

Routers tend to have a 4-port "Network Switch" incorporated, but there is no reason why you cannot plug additional switches into the existing ports to expand the number of available ethernet connections.

Any *decent* computer shop should have RJ45 connectors. PC World only seem to have RJ11 ones for modem cables :-(

Maplins have them - click here

  ade.h 22:40 15 Mar 2006

My nearest PC World stocks RJ45s, but at up to £15 depending on length, they are vastly over-priced. The same Blekin cables can be found on Ebuyer for a few pounds and Ebuyer's value cables are less than a pound!

  ade.h 22:41 15 Mar 2006

Blekin = Belkin!

  mgmcc 14:05 16 Mar 2006

<<< My nearest PC World stocks RJ45s, but at up to £15 depending on length >>>

It isn't the actual CAT5 cables I was meaning when I said PC World don't stock them, it is the female/female couplers to connect two ethernet cables together. My PC World has the RJ11 type, but not the RJ45 ones.

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