large avg update available.....

  p;3 06:08 25 Aug 2005

just taken a large update on board; took some doing even with my now faster BB;(if you are on dial -up it will probably take a wee bit o" time) and only updated yesterday too; makes one wonder what is going on out there:((

  BH34 06:24 25 Aug 2005

Thank you

  rawprawn 07:21 25 Aug 2005

Good morning p;3 and thank you.

  p;3 13:39 25 Aug 2005

large update for AVG"ers:))

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 14:22 25 Aug 2005


  p;3 23:00 25 Aug 2005

another smaller one available too now, much to my surprise; two on one day:))

  lester1 23:24 25 Aug 2005


  stlucia 08:35 26 Aug 2005

That's strange p;3! I checked when you first posted, but there was only a small update. Then I checked today and got an 832Mb update, which is presumably the large one you were talking about.

Are you on the paid-up version, and is there a time-lag before they issue updates for the free version?

  Bagsey 08:55 26 Aug 2005

That is strange. I am on the free version and got the big update yesterday morning during my regular auto update at 7.30am.???

  p;3 20:13 26 Aug 2005

no ; am not on the paid up version; and yet another update this evening; the viri ( or is it viruses)must be out to get us:((((

  bremner 20:16 26 Aug 2005

Surely a typo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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