Lara works without the CD 'strange'

  Legolas 13:04 26 Jul 2003

I have just bought the new Tomb Raider game 'Angel of Darkness' not very strange you might think but for a middle age guy with middle age spread....honest I didn't just buy it for Lara, she's a computer generated image for goodness sake although I suppose at my age you take what you can get... anyway I am digressing back to the thread.

The strange thing is that the game appears to run without the CD being in the drive, I installed it the other day and then I removed the CD to install something else and didn't replace it and I have just noticed that the game runs without it.

From my experience PC games need the CD in the drive to play at least it does with my other games, normally if you forget to put the CD in the drive you get a 'Please place CD in drive' message I know this is not really a problem but I thought it strange.

  hoverman 13:17 26 Jul 2003

My first reaction is that the game gave you the option to do a full install. I have played the odd game in the past which gave this option and do not require the CD to be in the drive when playing. Not all do though.

  Legolas 14:07 26 Jul 2003

hoverman come to think of it it did give me that option but I didn't realise that meant I didn't need the CD I thought the reason you needed the CD in to play was to stop you from giving out the game to others?

  hoverman 14:43 26 Jul 2003

Most games that give the option to do a full install still require the CD to be in the drive before they can be played - for the very reason you mention. But I have come the the odd one now and again that doesn't.

  hoverman 14:44 26 Jul 2003

Last sentence should read ".....come across the...."

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