Lara Croft movement on PC

  colin421 09:13 15 Jun 2006

When I use my gamepad to move Lara about she turns far too quickly - consequently she turns far more than I want her too which is extremely annoying.

Is there any way one can resolve this?


  keef66 09:22 15 Jun 2006

can you calibrate your controller in the game options?? (I have no experience of Ms Croft, but I am used to calibrating steering wheels for driving games)

  SANTOS7 09:24 15 Jun 2006

Have a look in game setup you may be able to turn down the sensitivity from there.
or try useing the direction arrows rather than the toggle buttons

  Methedrine 09:32 15 Jun 2006

Are the buttons pressure sensitive i.e. does she move more the harder you press?

  mattyc_92 09:57 15 Jun 2006

Spot on...

I have Tomb Raider: Legends, and it IS indeed "pressure sensitive" (the harder you press forward, the quicker she jogs)

colin421, has your gamepad got "analog sticks" as they are easier to use (as the standard "d-pad" isn't pressure sensitive")?

  colin421 18:49 15 Jun 2006

Thank you for all your replies (six in number).

I have a Saitek P2500 Rumble pad.

Would I have to give new programming positions for the POV?

I tried the arrow keys of my keyboard, but, of course, that just turns Lara 45 degrees.

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