laptot/netbook battery care

  sunnystaines 20:50 22 Jun 2011

on our new samsung netbook we have charged the battery to 100% then removed it to run of mains only while at home.

1]during periods of no battery use how often should i put it in and run down before recharging to maintain good battery life.

2]also samsung suggest for good battery life only charge to 80%, anyone explain the logic of that.

3]when used on battery and the battery is part used should it be fully rundown before re charge.

our sony laptop battery had a poor life span so do not want to replace this as quick.

  compumac 21:23 22 Jun 2011

Perhaps not quite the same thing but I have a Galaxy S Smartphone. I let it run right down until it switches itself off and then put on charge overnight so that it achives 100% and .. Then repeat the process when required. With that I have achieved seven and a half days of use. That is also my understanding with regard to my Samsung RV711 laptop purchased today and which I shall be trying out. Don't know if that bit of info helps?

  woodchip 21:59 22 Jun 2011

Just stick it in a Plastic bag and put it on the middle shelf of your Fridge, NOT FREEZER it will last longer on charge, But my Samsung is left in all the time as it will run on the settings I have set it to for about 7 hour this gives me freedom of movement in the house. Plus battery's for these are relatively cheap

  woodchip 22:04 22 Jun 2011

These battery's are for my Samsung, more mAh means the hold more charge and last a lot longer

nc10 netbook battery's link

  ams4127 22:18 22 Jun 2011

I bought my laptop (Evesham) about six years ago. The battery has never been out of the machine and, when it goes flat, I charge it. I normally use mains power whenever I can.

The battery still lasts as long, in use, as it did when new, without any of these fancy charging guides one reads about.

By the time the battery finally gives up the ghost I strongly suspect that the machine will only be fit for the scrapheap anyway.

As for putting it in the fridge........I'd have to remove the beer to make room for it, and that just ain't going to happen!

  sunnystaines 08:37 23 Jun 2011


thanks for link might get a 2nd battery that gives me longer use away from home. also impressed with the price too sony wanted £120+postage &vat for the laptop battery which became useless at holding a charge in just over a year.

compumac we tried that with the phone but always goes into yellow when we need it. Does your new samsung mention the 80% Battery charge for longer life too?

ams 4127 how our samsung lasts like you laptop.

thanks all for the above advice

  sunnystaines 15:36 27 Jun 2011

sorted I think

I took the battery out, plugged to mains got a fast boot up, waiting now to see how the wifi goes

  sunnystaines 17:10 27 Jun 2011

wifi has not disconnected.

thank you all that offered help. i had removed battery just prior to going for the reinstall of factory settings and could believe how fast it booted never even saw the welcome screen let alone the two minute freeze on a blue screen.

amazing how a poor battery can mess up a laptop despite the fact that its running off the mains.

  woodchip 17:40 27 Jun 2011

Go to device Manager Network Adapters/Wireless/Advanced set Untick box for default and set it to highest its less likely to lose connection

  sunnystaines 20:16 27 Jun 2011


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