laptops what do you think

  malgall 15:50 06 Jan 2004

i am looking at buying a laptop top of the range
just trying to find out what you think
about the makes sony is my first choice
want your opinion and any recommendations


  morganmight 16:00 06 Jan 2004

'Sony' is a good choice,but what do you want to do with your laptop? there is no point spending a fortune if all you want to do is type letters.

  malgall 16:19 06 Jan 2004

it will be used for business but also games and dvd i own a amd 2100 with ati 9600 pro computer so i understand the specs i am looking something more powerful

  Sir Radfordin 16:21 06 Jan 2004

Sony Laptops look nice and have a good reputation but may not be the best.

If money is no object then I'd look at the high top end of Dells range of Wide Screens. Very very nice bits of kit.

  Djohn 16:24 06 Jan 2004

If money is not too much of a concern then these look gorgeous and I believe the perform as well as they look. click here

  Al94 16:25 06 Jan 2004

They should do at that price Djohn!

  Djohn 16:43 06 Jan 2004

Al94, I know. I could never really justify buying one at that price, but often find myself looking at them, along with their range of desktops. Nice to dream now and then :o(

  denchris 17:38 06 Jan 2004

I run a desktop with 17" crt and my grandson has the latest Laptop, but when it comes to Games he can only play on mine !!!!. So for business and presentation work -Laptop. but for general mixed use - desktop everytime..Having used both for the last 3 months you have to say , do you need portability !!

  Totally-braindead 17:53 06 Jan 2004

Like denchris I'm not particularly fond of laptops, they are differcult to upgrade and the parts are much more expensive than the parts for a desktop PC. Games in particular are a stumbling block, even if you buy a top of the range laptop with good graphics you may find that in as little as 18 months you'll be struggling to play the latest games. If you are not a real gamer then fine, a laptop would be great but personally unless I it was absolutely essential to have a system which was portable I'd buy a desktop PC every time.

  malgall 18:48 06 Jan 2004

the laptop advice is for a friend i agree with what you say buy a decent but cheap laptop and with the money you save you could buy a wicked desktop which you can ungrade at ease


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