Laptops for teenagers

  maiden7802 22:16 04 Jun 2006


I'm thinking of buying two laptops for my daughters 15 and 16.

No high end gaming, usual things that teen girls do . . .MSN

  maiden7802 22:19 04 Jun 2006

Sorry, pressed something . . . .

my budget is around £1000 for the two . .

I've been looking at Toshiba A100, 60G HD, 15.4 screen etc . .

Any recommendations ?

  skidzy 22:20 04 Jun 2006

The choice could be endless,i would suggest have a look at dell click here
Hope this helps
Good luck

  martjc 22:29 04 Jun 2006

...refurbished laptops are usually a good investment if you are on a limited budget. They aren't damaged or faulty, just machines that have been sent back for whatever reason and then put back to factory condition.
click here

  De Marcus™ 22:51 04 Jun 2006

The toshiba is a fine machine, however it's of the celeron variety (NOT GOOD) click here , and considering you can get a higher spec processor for less money i'd personally go for this model with that budget (at least they then get a pentium M) click here

  woodchip 23:54 04 Jun 2006
  GaT7 00:09 05 Jun 2006

DELL INSPIRON 6000 for £499.99 each from BT click here, or from DABs click here (BT owns DABs click here). DABs delivery charge may be lower than BTs. G

  maiden7802 22:15 05 Jun 2006

Anybody got any thoughts/experience of this ?

click here

  woodchip 23:00 05 Jun 2006

It's a desktop CPU it will run hot at the side of a Mobile CPU. Plus it will flatted the battery fast.

Look for one with Mobile CPU

  maiden7802 23:25 05 Jun 2006

Hmmm, thanks Woodchip and all others. It's a bit of a minefield isn't it?

When you think you've found something suitable something crops up to make you think again !

  terryf 23:48 05 Jun 2006

Why laptops, are they proposing to work outside the house? Pound for pound, you get a better spec for a desktop and with desktop flat screens, wireless keyboard and mouse, they don't take up much more room on the desk than a laptop. Because laptop components are kept small they are more expensive than standard PC components. If they are going to want a printer the case for a space saving laptop becomes less. With a network, they could share your printer (of course the paper comes out of their pocket money)

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