laptops, how long left on?

  MidgetMan 20:24 01 Feb 2005

silly question but, I bought a laptop for my eldest for xmas to replace her aging desktop. She is in the habit of leaving it switched on and running for upto 48hrs at a time, is this ok? or does shes run the risk of "burning it out"?

  spikeychris 20:27 01 Feb 2005

I sometimes leave mine on for a full week [on as in I just fold the lid] one important thing is you must make sure there is room for air to move beneath the machine. If you don't it gets VERY hot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 01 Feb 2005

Not sure what it will do to the battery?

Laptop Batteries
click here

  MidgetMan 20:33 01 Feb 2005

Hello mate, thanks for that info, looks like she will be alright then,

Fruit Bat /\0/
good link, thanks, think I better take battery out then!!!!

  FelixTCat 20:33 01 Feb 2005

When you close the lid, laptops by default go into stand-by mode whereby they virtually shut down and use very little power and produce very little heat. You can leave them like this almost indefinitely without harm.

As spikeychris said, just make sure that air can circulate around the laptop - leave it on a firm surface.

  fred 20:50 01 Feb 2005

As spikeychris said ther is no problem with leaving the laptop on for extended periods. I do it for weeks at a time. Ventilation is essential though and I often use a marker pen or book to raise the laptop up to increase the air flow as the intake is from below. No probs so far over 5 years 24/7

  fred 20:50 01 Feb 2005

oops spelling

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:27 01 Feb 2005

battery for my laptop and a perfectly fine one

when i leave my laptop on i use the dud,as it couldn't get any dudder.

the good battery gives me a good 2 hours.

I usually leave mine on for about 4-6 hours a day.

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