laptops on finance help...

  nufc2009 10:12 08 Mar 2010

ok i have around £550 to put to a laptop, the laptops im after (i5, 17" 1600x900, 4gb ddr3 ram etc) are around £700 or so.

getting the rest of the money isnt really a problem, but to be honest i would rather not pay outright for one this time so i can put money to better use.

so ive been looking at the dell website and seen a couple of decent ones ive customised. They offer buy now pay next year (march 2011) which sounds ok, i dont mind getting one for around £900 this way.

The bit im not sure about is the apr, which is Typical APR of 29.9%. My understanding is as long as i pay it off in full before march 2011 then no interest (29.9%) is added to the balance? it doesnt say anything about 0% finance, so am i wrong and they would charge 29.9% apr straight away? If thats the case i may aswell just buy one with the cash as 29.9% is very high!

Alternatively if anyone can link me to some other interest free finance shops, or good spec laptops around £500-£700 i would appreciate that.


  Technotiger 10:25 08 Mar 2010

Why put yourself in debt when you could get click here for far less. What will another 2-300 Quid get you over this, just slightly better specs - yes, but will you actually be able to do so much more for all that extra cash, apart from saddling yourself with debt! I don't know about APR's, as I never put myself in the position of having that to worry about.

  lodger 10:45 08 Mar 2010

in this day and age it's wise to stay clear of the repo man , in fact it's always been wise to do so :)

  nufc2009 12:26 08 Mar 2010

yeah ive never bought anything on finance, thought it would of been easier to spread the cost thats all.

Thats a good value/performance laptop Technotiger thanks for the link :)

  Technotiger 12:31 08 Mar 2010

If I was in the market for a laptop, that is the one I would go for!

  nufc2009 13:26 08 Mar 2010

on another day i would of snapped at that one, was looking for i5 for the multi-threading and ddr3 as im going to be using the laptop for intensive tasks.

just gonna have to up the budget i think and buy one at the weekend in cash.

cheers all anyway

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