Laptops- can they run an extra monitor?

  sheper00 11:06 01 Mar 2010

I have a Dell XPS M1710, and since im now working from home a lot more I want to run a second monitor to act s my main monitor as im finding the screen too small and awkward to work with
This is probly a dumb question as there are 2 video out sockets at the back, 1 is a dvi i think and the other a vga i think,

Do folks run extra monitors off laptops? Or will all that extra graphic processing end up killing my graphics card?

i wanted to now before i committed to getting one

  keef66 11:11 01 Mar 2010

My work Lenovo does. Display settings need to be set up properly to allow it.

Have a look in your Dell manual, or give them a call

  Border View 11:55 01 Mar 2010

I have my old 19" CRT monitor connected to my laptop and work between the two screens. No problems - have done so for about 2 years now.

  peter99co 12:16 01 Mar 2010

If you connect to vga outlet to the vga monitor it might just need you to click function 5 and 6 keys.

  peter99co 12:23 01 Mar 2010

I sometimes connect a laptop to a UMC LCD TV via its VGA input and select source VGA. Works well.

Many of the latest Flatscreen TV's have a VGA socket. I use a 23 inch on an old XP PC and when the computer is off it gives Freeview TV or DVD.

The component RGB sockets also allow a connection to a Wii.

  highside 17:17 01 Mar 2010

I have a 17inch TFT connected all the time (for photography)to either of my two laptops an HP & a Samsung. Using VGA-VGA. When first connected you can select either TFT / laptop or both screens by holding fn key and pressing the screen key which in both my cases is on the top row it has a box shape with a screen picture inside.
Sometimes after changing you may have to reset the resolution by going into control panel 'Appearance and themes' Have win 7

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