Smithy35 14:28 14 Sep 2003

Does anyone now of any good laptops I could get.
I want good power and performance and with ofiice an windowns Xp home

  anchor 14:34 14 Sep 2003

What is your budget?.

How important is long battery life to you?; do you wish play games on it?.

  Smithy35 14:39 14 Sep 2003

My budget is £1400, I would like it to have an all right battery life, Games are not that important to me but I would lime it to be able to play Champioship manager 4.

  anchor 15:12 14 Sep 2003

In the October 2003 copy of PC Advisor, a review of notebooks was done.

Based on this, I suggest you look at the Advent 7027. (This review is not yet on this site). Its price is quoted as £1300, including VAT.

Brief spec:
3.06Ghz pentium 4
40Gb Hard Disc
512 Mb Ram
Screen: 15.1"
Graphics: ATI Radion 9000 64Mb
Battery type & life: Lithium Ion - 180mins
DVD writer
Software: Win-XP Home, MS Works
Warranty: 1 year collect/return

Comment by the reviewer: Despite having a desktop processor, this model achieved an astounding 3 hours in the battery test. It will handle everything you throw at it with ease. "Recommended".

Advent notebooks are available from PC World.

I am afraid if you want MS Office, you will have to buy it separately. Few models, if any, come with Office.

  SheffieldSpy 15:44 14 Sep 2003

I've just aquired a Rock Direct QuaddraXS. This may fit your needs. It has a SIS graphics chip, so 3D performance may not be as good as maybe its XT brother (with a ATI Chip). I have achieved 1.45 hours of battery life. My model has a 2.6GHz processor, which goes to 2.1GHz (running off battery).

It must win the award for the quietest P4 computer. The silence is only broken by the fan kicking in at times. You get Ability Office and Panda Antivirus, as well as WinDVD and Roxio CD/DirectCD

  Cesar 10:48 15 Sep 2003

Iuse the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo D 8830 this is a very Powerful Laptop click here. you also get XP Home/Recovery Disc/works suite/Disc for all Drivers/word 2002 and much more.

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