Laptop/notebook Graphics Upgrade

  DavidM4 22:07 05 Oct 2005

Laptop/notebook Graphics Upgrade. Just bought my wife a new one but apparently (according to web forums) the graphics are a bit poor on the latest games (which is what my son and I will use it for) so is it possible to upgrade the graphics and how easy is it, also any recommendations as to which card would be nice. Cheers David M

  De Marcus™ 22:13 05 Oct 2005

There's only ever been a select few notebooks that have this capability to upgrade the graphics card and whether upgrades were actually available I don't know.

  dan11 22:18 05 Oct 2005

If it has a dedicated graphics chip, you may be able to increase the amount of system ram available to the chip. This option, if available , will leave less ram for windows.

It would be a good idea to post the make and model of the laptop.

  DavidM4 22:22 05 Oct 2005

Medion MD 95376, Mobile AMD Turion 64 ML-30, SiS Mirage PCI-Express up to 128 MB Shared Memory, 1024 MB DDR-RAM Memory, XP Pro SP2

  DavidM4 22:48 05 Oct 2005

Take it I'm outta luck? Thanks anyway fellas.

  dan11 22:50 05 Oct 2005

Do you know if it is using the full 128Mb shared memory. If it is, then you look like you are on your limit.

You can check by downloading everest home. click here. Go to computer > summary > video adapter. Does it say, in Mb, the size of the card?

  DavidM4 23:01 05 Oct 2005

Done that and it comes up with 2 video adapters each weighing in with 64 MB each.

  dan11 23:12 05 Oct 2005

Similar to this click here but with a different graphics chip?

If so then the machine may just be allocating 64Mb to the graphics chipset. Enter the bios, details will be shown on bootup and alter the graphics aperture size to 128Mb. This will leave 896Mb for windows.

  dan11 23:13 05 Oct 2005

By the way, I dropped my graphics down to 64Mb for that. lol

  DavidM4 18:00 06 Oct 2005

Yeah that's exactly what it looks like. I'll give it a whirl and let you know in a bit.

  DavidM4 18:07 06 Oct 2005

Will it run new games well enough when this is done?

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