pinnicat 07:44 11 Feb 2005

Basically...what is /are the difference(s) between a laptop and a notebook?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:48 11 Feb 2005

Nothing nowadays - just nomenclature - notebook is a more recent term and is often used with the prefix sub. Thus, subnotebook indicates a very small notebook (often half size).

  pinnicat 07:53 11 Feb 2005

basically all i want to do is run a cdrom on the move or "elsewhere" and provide clipart images to copy from when at work...shouldn't be a problem then

  Diodorus Siculus 07:56 11 Feb 2005

Get a notebook / laptop with a CD drive and you can use it anywhere...

  GRFT 09:07 11 Feb 2005

Laptop is a more descriptive term than notebook for what is the same machine. Normally you can slip a notebook into your pocket, but that wouldn't work with a laptop computer. However, it all depends on your own preference..

  anchor 09:22 11 Feb 2005

Notebook & Laptop seem to be interchangeable terms these days. No differences.

Toshiba call them notebooks, and Sony refer to their VAIO range as laptops.

  pinnicat 09:33 11 Feb 2005

It seemed to me to be a manufacturer issue....given that the spec on either was pretty much the same across the range.
thanks gang.

  Maverick81 09:40 11 Feb 2005

Most PC companies are re introducing the term "notebook" because most modern notebooks get that hot they dont really want you putting them on your lap.

Thats pretty much it



  pinnicat 02:51 12 Feb 2005

Right so i got my laptop/notebook...i still have one hot should these things actually get?

  pinnicat 02:53 12 Feb 2005

The body of the machine aint so bad, but the "vent?" at the side could heat a small east european's brand new if that's significant.

  Paul M 08:12 12 Feb 2005

I have a laptop of my own and another for work. Neither gets too warm, let alone hot, although if you used them on your lap you may risk obstructing the cooling fan outlet.

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